3D laparoscopy takes OB/GYN surgery to a new levelDr. Barry Schlafstein

A 3D laparoscopic surgical system is now being utilized in several gynecologic surgeries at St. Joseph's Candler by Barry Schlafstein, MD. 

The surgery is similar to traditional laparoscopy, a minimally invasive surgery using tiny incisions and instruments with a camera attached. But the 3D version gives the doctor extra depth on the monitor and allows the surgery to be easier and more efficient. 

Laparoscopic surgery is in itself a highly beneficial advance from traditional, or open, gynecologic surgery. This surgery is minimally invasive and is performed through small incisions. The result, when compared with open surgery, is typically less blood loss, less pain, and a shorter recovery time. Gynecologic patients who undergo laparoscopic surgery are often able to go home the same or next day, and are able to return to normal activities more quickly.

Perceiving the tissue planes with greater precision is crucial in some cases. 

The 3D laparoscopy system is only available at St. Joseph’s/Candler, and Dr. Schlafstein is currently the only OB/GYN physician in the area using it. But he believes other surgeons will soon appreciate the benefits of 3D and will be eager to incorporate the technology into their treatments.
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