SJ/C Imaging Center - Pooler

Easy x-rays, MRIs, 3D Mammography and other imaging for Westside residents

The growing city of Pooler now has a state-of-the-art imaging center where West Chatham and Effingham County residents can go instead of driving into Savannah. And, it's conveniently located in our new Pooler Campus with many other healthcare services including Primary Care.

Call now to make an appointment: 912-748-0068

Imaging services offered

  • CT: Head, spine, abdomen and pelvic imaging
  • Digital mammography
  • MRI: Head, spine, abdomen and pelvic imaging
  • Ultrasound: Abdomen, pelvis, venous carotid and Ob/Gyn studies
  • Digital X-ray
  • 3D mammography

3D mammography

The SJ/C Imaging Center - Pooler is the only place in West Chatham County to provide 3D mammography, a proven screening to help find cancer earlier and find cancers traditional 2D technology would have missed, especially in women with dense breasts. 3D mammography provides clear, high-resolution images that virtually eliminate tissue overlap, giving doctors the tools to accurately and confidently confirm a cancer or dismiss false positives. The extraordinary sharp image detail of the system helps doctors better visualize masses and asymmetric densities for clearer diagnostic rulings. 

Using 3D mammography has proven to reduce call-backs and false positives by 40 percent. It is a key tool in breast cancer diagnosis - even before a lump appears.

Learn more about 3D mammography.

101 St. Joseph's/Candler Drive (first floor)
Pooler, Ga. 31322

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