Foot & Ankle Physical Therapy at St. Joseph's/Candler

Many people suffer from a multitude of foot- and ankle-related injuries and problems caused by trauma, repetitive overuse syndromes, improper shoe wear and lack of appropriate foot and ankle support. Problems include plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains/strains, Achilles tendonitis, fractures and other related pathologies.

Our physical therapy centers offer a variety of services for the foot and ankle including:

  • Evaluation
  • Individualized therapy
  • Pain management
  • Exercise
  • Custom orthotics

Goals of therapy:

  • Decrease acute or chronic inflammation and pain using conservative techniques such as pulsed ultrasound, iontophoresis with dexamethazone and fluidotherapy.
  • Improve muscle strength and flexibility and reduce gait abnormalities.
  • Provide education on preventive measures to avoid recurrent problems.
  • Problem solve with patients and families on reduction of pain and impairments during rehabilitation.
  • Provide a user-friendly and comprehensive home exercise program for use both during and after therapy.
  • Provide regular and consistent feedback to referring physician.
  • Seek custom orthotic intervention when appropriate with physician's approval.


Our intensive and supportive program has succeeded in recovery for patients with both acute onset and chronic foot and ankle pain.