Speech Therapy at St. Joseph's/Candler

Speech-Language Pathology is an integral part of Physical Rehabilitation, providing comprehensive services to patients of all ages. Our services at St. Joseph’s/Candler assist patients with many different needs, including aphasia, dysarthria, apraxia and dysphagia. These disorders result from critical illnesses or neurological deficits such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. They often require strategies to improve word-finding, slurred speech and understanding/expression of language.

Language Disorders

Both adults and children can experience difficulty communicating wants/needs and understanding language. We offer assessment and treatment for pediatric disorders related to delayed speech and language, cerebral palsy, autism and a variety of other disorders. We also offer assessment and treatment of adult language deficits related to stroke or head injury.

Cognitive Disorders

We offer cognitive retraining for patients with neurological deficits due to closed-head injury, right hemisphere stroke or dementia. Therapy is provided for memory/recall training, reading/writing instruction, problem-solving and regaining organizational skills for daily living.


The dysphagia team assists patients with swallowing difficulties. Modified barium swallow studies and bedside clinical assessments identify patients at risk for aspiration. We provide individual and mealtime sessions to normalize swallowing patterns and maintain adequate nutrition. We have therapists trained in the use of VitalStim, a specific technique utilized to improve the safety and quality of the swallow.

Voice Disorders

Patients with vocal nodules, spasmodic dysphonia and vocal cord paralysis are evaluated using computerized analysis. Intervention is provided for improving vocal quality. Persons with Parkinson’s disease may also experience voice problems. We have therapists certified to provide the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) program to improve voice and speech.

Modified Barium Swallow Studies

Swallow studies are performed in Radiology by certified/licensed Speech-Language Pathologists and Radiologists to identify oral/pharyngeal swallowing disorders related to head/neck cancer and neurological deficits.

Outpatient speech therapy is available at The Center for Oto-Neurology in the Danny Brown Building across from the main entrance of St. Joseph's Hospital. The address is: 11702 Mercy Blvd., Plaza B (second floor), Savannah, Ga. 31419.

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Services are available upon physician referral by calling 912-819-2479.

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