Movement Disorders Program Resources

Oftentimes patients experiencing a movement disorder have needs outside of the medical scope which can impact their treatment and disease outcome. Patients with a movement disorder, their caregivers and their families have access to the services of the outreach coordinator and social worker at no cost as part of the St. Joseph's/Candler Movement Disorders Program. Aspects of our social, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual life can all help or hinder a movement disorder prognosis.

If you are looking for local and national support group information, please click here.

If you are looking for Parkinson's disease support group information, please click here.

Outreach Coordinator Services

Our outreach coordinator focuses on the community connections, resources and educational and outreach programming for the Movement Disorders Program. An outreach coordinator acts as an educational resource for the community to teach about different movement disorders and how other aspects of their lives may impact their movement disorder. Additionally, the outreach coordinator works together with the social worker to identify new and existing community resources, support groups and other services for those in the Movement Disorder Program. 

For Movement Disorders Program outreach coordinator services, please contact:

Katy Harne, outreach coordinator
912-819-2224 (office)
912-663-6803 (cell)

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Social Work Services

Our dedicated social worker provides one-on-one specialized services to movement disorder patients to help learn how to live and cope with their movement disorder. A social worker pays careful attention to the needs of movement disorder patients and caregivers including medication assistance, referrals to pharmaceutical companies and programs and referrals for financial, respite, spiritual, legal, emotional, social and medical resources. 

For Movement Disorders Program social worker services, please contact:

Barbara Moss-Hogan, social worker
470-705-5969 (cell)

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Both Katy and Barbara have completed the Allied Team Training Program with the National Parkinson Foundation for treatment of Parkinson's disease.


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