Experience the Most Advanced Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit in the Region at the Institute for Neurosciences at St. Joseph's Hospital

St. Joseph's Hospital Neuro ICUTo better service our patients and their families as well as our physicians and staff, St. Joseph's/Candler has expanded our dedicated, state-of-the-art Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit on the St. Joseph's Hospital campus. This expansion is just another example of St. Joseph's/Candler and The Institute for Neuroscience's pledge to be the region's leader in neuro care and service. The 13,000 square foot Neuro Intensive Care Unit is broken out into distinct areas for patients, family and staff including:

  • Twelve large, private patient rooms with ample space to accommodate an overnight stay for family members
  • The family waiting area is designed to create a warm environment that promotes privacy and comfort for families during a time of significant emotional distress
  • A quiet dedicated space for Physicians to work, with the ability to maintain visual contact with staff in the nursing unit
  • Nursing units located in pods directly outside the patient's room allow for closer bedside nursing care and constant visualization of each patient

St. Joseph's/Candler furthers their commitment to safety by installing the latest technology for monitoring each critically ill patient as well as an over bed patient care lift system.

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