Specialty Care for Reproductive Issues

Telfair Reproductive Care assists women with a variety of reproductive health difficulties, including infertility and pregnancy loss. Infertility, by definition, is an involuntary reduction in reproductive capacity. The strategy of an infertility evaluation or investigation is to define all factors or causes contributing to infertility, and correct those that we can.

We also assist couples having problems with maintaining pregnancy. Dr. Lawrence D. Odom, M.D., working in conjunction with nationally recognized recurrent pregnancy loss experts, assists patients in finding the underlying problems preventing full-term pregnancy.

For more information contact Dr. Odom's office at (912) 354-8558.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reproductive Health

Does insurance cover the cost of visits to Telfair Reproductive Care?
All health insurance plans are different. Many plans cover infertility services. Your insurance company can provide information about your infertility benefits.

What can I expect during my appointment at Telfair Reproductive Care?
During your first visit a nurse practitioner collects all necessary information, reviews your medical history and answers questions. On your next visit, a physician gives you a physical exam and pelvic ultrasound. The doctor will then discuss treatment options and recommendations with you. 

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