Obstetrical Services at the Telfair BirthPlace

At the Telfair BirthPlace, our experienced, board-certified obstetric specialists provide comprehensive and specialty care for both mother and child, including prenatal, childbirth and postnatal care. While our private maternity rooms are beautiful and comfortable, they're also equipped with the latest medical technology and equipment available. Along with our highly experienced physicians, our caring nurses also will  help you with your delivery and care after giving birth. One of the many benefits of giving birth at the Telfair BirthPlace is our compassionate anesthesiologists, who are dedicated exclusively for our Telfair BirthPlace moms.

After delivery, you and your baby are transferred to a private Mother/Baby room.  Your baby will stay with you throughout your stay, as long as he or she is healthy. Accommodations are made for one support person to spend the night in the mom's room, but all other family members and friends must plan sleeping arrangements outside of the hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my baby be able to stay in my room after delivery?
Yes. Your baby will go to your room and the same nurse will care for both of you.

When may I have an epidural?
The timing of the epidural is up to you and your doctor.

May I eat during labor?
You may have liquids (ice, PopsiclesTM, soda, tea, fruit juice, etc.).

Why do I need an IV?
An IV is a route for fluid to help prevent dehydration during labor. We also use an IV to administer pain medication and antibiotics.

Can my family stay in the labor room?
A support person and two visitors may stay with you during labor and birth. One family member may accompany you and provide support during a C-section. 


Telfair BirthPlace Pre-Registration

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