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The Telfair offers help for mothers battling postpartum depression

Are you a pregnant woman or new mother?

Are you feeling alone, sad, overwhelmed or angry?

The Mary Telfair Women's Hospital at St. Joseph's/Candler and Mental Health America bring you a free line to help you deal with those feelings. Left untreated, they can become debilitating. 

Contact the Confidential Project Healthy Moms Warmline at 678-904-1966 or

When you call or email the Project Healthy Moms Warmline, please leave a message, and a mother who has experienced and overcome perinatal depression/anxiety will respond. She will be able to provide peer support and encouragement and to suggest appropriate resources.

It does get better. We are here when you are ready to talk. Call or email us today.

What is postpartum depression and anxiety?

  • Irrational, intrusive thoughts that seem like they are set on repeat. You may ask, ‘Why did I have that thought?’
  • Anxiety is prevalent, including worries or obsession about the baby’s health
  • Feeling all the time that you are doing everything wrong
  • Depression, characterized by intense sadness, anxiety or despair. 
  • Tearfulness, insomnia, fatigue, appetite disturbance

The line is not for emergencies. It is considered a postpartum emergency if you are afraid you are going to hurt yourself or your child.

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Expecting mothers can fill in their information in our secure online form and be one step closer to ready for the day big. 

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