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Needle aspiration of the breast is a simple, diagnostic procedure with a high rate of accuracy. The procedure is performed using a very fine needle, much smaller than that used to draw blood from a vein. The skin where the needle is introduced may or may not be anesthetized (numbed) with a local injection. The results of the aspiration are available within a short period of time, sparing the patient unnecessary anxiety. If the fine needle aspiration shows no cancer cells, but your doctor notes any suspicious or worrisome mass, further tests are indicated.

Breast Ultrasound

A breast ultrasound is a procedure used to further evaluate a breast abnormality or lump seen on mammography. An ultrasound can determine if a breast lump is solid (tumor) or filled with fluid (cyst). Breast ultrasounds are not meant to replace the mammogram. Unlike mammography, ultrasound is not able to detect small calcifications.

CAD (Computer-Aided Detection)

CAD for mammography assists radiologists by analyzing mammograms for suspicious areas that may be indicative of cancer and flagging these areas for the radiologist’s review.

Core Needle Biopsy

A core needle biopsy is a diagnostic procedure reported to be highly accurate in identifying the presence of a malignant tumor. The core needle is usually guided into position with the use of ultrasound then multiple tissue samples are removed and sent for analysis.

Digital Mammography

Digital mammography technology produces mammograms digitally instead of using film; therefore, images can be manipulated to enhance quality. This has proven to be the best technology for evaluating dense breast tissue.

3D Mammography

The newset technology in our arsenal, 3D mammography can provide a more comprehensive exam and increase breast cancer detection by 30 percent. In addition, because the image is so clear, it can reduce the change that a woman will be called back for additional imaging.


A galactogram is a mammogram exam that is done after an xray dye is injected into a milk duct. This may be needed when there is an abnormal nipple discharge.

Needle Localization

Sometimes very small areas of concern, which cannot be felt but do show up on a mammogram, can be very hard to locate for sampling or removal. In order to locate the exact site of such a small area, a special type of needle, with a fine hook-wire inside it, is guided into place marking the area of the lump during mammography. It is left in place until the patient is brought into surgery for removal of the lump.

Stereotactic Needle Biopsy

This is a sophisticated technique especially useful for extremely small areas of concern that cannot be felt but are detected on mammography, such as microcalcifications. This method involves combining mammogram and computer technology to pinpoint the area and remove small cores of tissue for analysis. 

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