Telfair Baby Mobile App

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To make it even more convenient and informative to prepare for your Telfair Baby, the Telfair BirthPlace at St. Joseph’s/Candler has launched a free Telfair Baby app. The app is available via YoMingo.

We know that the typical birthing age is 18 to 40. We also know the majority of people are always with their phones. Now with the touch of a button, our Telfair moms can have access to a number of articles and videos on pregnancy care, labor and birth, breastfeeding and newborn care, in addition to numerous other features.

The free app is a wonderful way to track your journey through each step of pregnancy and beyond. Just some of the features and benefits include:

  • Pregnancy Milestones
  • Health Tracker
  • Planning Lists
  • Journal
  • Immunization records
  • Feeding Log
  • Read, watch and learn information                    




Telfair BirthPlace Pre-Registration

Expecting mothers can fill in their information in our secure online form and be one step closer to ready for the day big. 

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