How to get a birth certificate for your newborn 

The hospital does not issue birth certificates; however, we can help you with the application process. You can ask your nurse for an application or download it here

Please complete the application as soon as possible and give it to your nurse. The Birth Registrar's office does not process any  birth certificates after 2 p.m. Only mother or father should complete the application. We understand there may be certain circumstances where the grandparents need to help.

Seven days after the submission of the birth certificate application, you can purchase a certified copy of the birth certificate from the Chatham County Health Department at 1395 Eisenhower Drive. The cost is $25 and additional copies are $5 each at the time of purchase. You may also visit any County Vital Records department in Georgia to obtain a copy of the certificate. 

If you have any questions, please call The Birth Registrar at 912-819-6389. You can also call the Chatham County Health Department at 912-356-2138. Again, the hospital does not issue birth certificates. 

Download the birth certification application.

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