Expert Primary Care Physicians in the Savannah Region and the Low Country

Now more than ever it is important for you and your family to have a medical home with a physician who is intimately acquainted with your medical history. St. Joseph's/Candler has a team of primary care physicians serving the entire region. 

St. Joseph's/Candler Physician Network - Primary Care physicians are experts in family practice and internal medicine so you can count on comprehensive treatments. Because they are part of the SJ/C system, should you require additional testing, hospitalization or specialists, the experience is seamless. 

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Many of our locations offer same-day appointments for patients with immediate needs. Most provide:

  • Complete physical examinations
  • Diagnostic laboratory services
  • Flat panel radiology
  • Immunizations
  • IV therapies
  • Cardiac function testing (EKG)
  • Pulmonary function tests (PFT)
  • Smoking cessation counseling
  • Weight control counseling
  • Diabetes counseling
  • Clinical Pharmacists


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