Aloka GI Combines Imaging Technologies for Powerfully Accurate Diagnostics

For patients with conditions of the Gastrointestinal (GI) System (including the pancreas, bile duct, liver, spleen and gallbladder), diagnosis can be made more difficult because of the location of the disease. Accurate detection and staging of GI cancers is important in developing an individualized treatment plan.

Physicians at St. Joseph's/Candler are now able to use the Aloka GI System for diagnostic purposes in these patients. Traditionally, ultrasounds would function as the sole detection method of tumors and other growths in the GI system. Aloka GI combines ultrasound with endoscopic technology to provide a live, high-resolution image of the internal organs to the physician for an accurate diagnosis in real time. 

Because physicians are closer to the affected areas, they are more easily able to identify tumors within the organs. The Aloka GI System is able to work in tandem with other endoscopic technologies, such as the EBUS scope.

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