Physicians Can Treat Patients without Surgery with Double Balloon Endoscopy

For patients with disesases of the small intestine, the diagnosis and treatment is often made more difficult because of the location of their condition. St. Joseph's/Candler is proud to be the first in the region to use Double Balloon Endoscopy to treat intestinal bleeding and cancer without having to subject patients to surgery.

The Double Balloon Endoscopy procedure allows bleeding in the small intestine to be stopped and tumors biopsied with minimal risk. Although physicians were previously able to treat patients with GI disorders with endoscopy procedures, accessing the intestines was impossible because of their length.

Double Balloon Endoscopy is revolutionizing the GI field. For the first time in the half century of endoscopy development, small bowel enteroscopy allows direct visualization and treatment of digestive disorders that may involve any part of the GI tract.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Patients are put under general anesthesia for what is typically a two-hour procedure. The scope is inserted orally and two balloons stabilize the tip of the endoscope.

With gentle, pressure monitored manipulation, the intestine is shortened as one would fold a section of a drape over a curtain rod. With a series of inflations, deflations and shortenings, the endoscope is passed over the nearly twice as long small bowel with direct observation in the process.

For More Information on Advanced Cancer Care

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