Spyglass Direct Visualization Provides Cutting-Edge Visualization and Diagnosis Technology

For patients with symptoms of gallbladder, pancreas or bile duct disease, it is important to understand which disease is the underlying cause. The Spyglass Direct Visualization system allows physicians to reduce the need for exploratory surgery to properly diagnose these patients. 

Equipped with a 6,000 pixel fiber-optic probe, the Spyglass system can display real-time images of the pancreatico-biliary system to the physician, as well as assist in biopsy procedures. 

Previous methods for diagnosis of pancreatico-biliary diseases involved wither x-ray or radiograph technology, which could only provide physicians with a 2-D, black and white image. The new Spyglass Direct Visualization system is the only technology in the world that allows for a live display of these organs without the use of x-ray. 

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