Mole Monitoring Technology in Savannah, GA

The Skin Cancer Prevention Center, based in the Nancy N. and J.C. Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion (LCRP), uses mole monitoring (or mole mapping) technology for patients who are at high risk for melanoma (skin cancer)—particularly those with a large number of atypical moles.

Early Detection and Prevention of Melanoma

Utilizing MoleSafe technology, melanographers (nurses specialized in identifying and imaging moles) complete a comprehensive clinical skin assessment, incorporating the latest technology in documenting an individual's skin and moles.

The advanced computer program technology, which is completely non-invasive, is designed to be a yearly surveillance tool to map and evaluate for any clinical changes of moles in an effort to detect melanoma early. The program stores the images, which can be reviewed and compared during follow-up examinations.

During the procedure, a brief risk assessment is conducted, followed by imaging (referred to as Total Body Photography) that involves at least 24 images to document as much skin as possible. Once all images are taken, a detailed head-to-toe assessment of the skin will be conducted with a DermLite® (skin cancer detection tool) and any mole or lesion that meets the criteria for imaging will be documented.

Moles are imaged using a dermoscopic camera that illuminates the subsurface of the skin, creating what is called a melanogram. These magnified images are then examined and diagnosed by a physician trained in dermoscopy (the examination of skin lesions with a miscroscope). It is possible that not all pigmented spots will be imaged. The melanographer educates patients on the identification and monitoring of moles, freckles or sun spots and sun protection awareness.

The patient and their physician will receive a report with appropriate recommendations two weeks after the procedure. The archived images become a tool for an individual's accurate screening and early detection of melanoma, helping to improve the treatment of melanoma and overall survival and cure rate.

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