Support program offers kids, teens and adults helpful hand during trying times

The Howard Hand In Hand Support Program at St. Joseph’s/Candler provides support, education, and guidance to children and teens with a family member facing a life threatening disease. This free program will help children cope with and process their thoughts and feelings – often fear, sadness, anger, confusion – about how life has changed for them and their families because of illness or disease.

To learn more  or schedule some one-on-one time, call 912-819-5671.

Howard Hand In Hand is open to the children of any patient with a serious illness such as cancer, heart failure, stroke, etc. The program serves children in the Coastal Empire and Low Country of South Carolina. The parent with cancer or other serious illness does not have to receive treatment at St. Joseph’s/Candler.

One-on-one sessions - either in person or via Zoom - can be scheduled if that fits the child and parent’s needs best.

If you'd like to make a donation to the Howard Hand In Hand Program you can do so through St. Joseph's/Candler Foundations. Click here to donate now.

One-on-One Counseling

Some of the features of individualized counseling include:

  • One-on-One counseling in a location convenient for both child and family.
  • Maximizing the child’s support system.
  • Facilitating honest communication about the illness and their emotions.
  • Addressing common questions.
  • Guiding children affected by anticipatory grief.

Howard Family Dental’s support

Howard Family Dental pledged $150,000 to the St. Joseph’s/Candler Foundations to ensure children of sick patients at St. Joseph’s/Candler get the help and support they need during a time of distress. After losing his own mother to cancer as a child, Dr. John Howard, Founder of Howard Family Dental, desired to support children in a similar situation. Children of cancer patients can be unsure what is happening within their family, why their family member is not feeling well or acting the same and unsure who they can talk to about their family member’s illness.

Dr. Lindsay Sammons, Director of Howard Family Dental Foundation, also experienced her mother’s fight against breast cancer as a young girl. Fortunately, her mother is in remission. Dr. Sammons knows firsthand how cancer can affect the entire family. Together with St. Joseph’s/Candler Foundations and the support of all Howard Family Dental team members, HFD has vowed to raise funds and support the Howard Hand In Hand Support Program.

Contact Us

Our Howard Hand In Hand social worker will gladly meet with the parent or loved one first to answer any questions or concerns regarding the child and even provide tips on how to effectively communicate to them. To learn more about this program or to speak to a social worker, call 912-819-5671.

Meet the Howard Hand In Hand Team

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