Compassionate Cancer Rehabilitation for Continuing Wellness at Home

Returning to normal life after your cancer treatment program has ended can be an intimidating process. The Center for Rehabilitation at St. Joseph’s/Candler allows patients to experience a comprehensive approach to cancer care, including all phases of recovery. A rehabilitation therapist will work closely with you and your physician to ensure you have the all tools you need to gradually enter into back into your normal daily routine.

Rehabilitation services provide a continuum of care to cancer patients, ranging from preventive services and treatments within the hospital to care offered at outpatient centers throughout the region.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services

The most common types of rehabilitation therapy our cancer patients experience include:

Physical Therapy for Improved Fitness

Physical therapy  is an efficient method for patients to return to more normal, active life as safely as possible. Our physical therapists at St. Joseph's/Candler are specially trained at evaluating physical problems and recommending the most appropriate treatment course. They also work with you to create a personalized fitness regimen.

Occupational Therapy for Increased Independence

Occupational Therapy  helps individuals achieve independence in their lives. Occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants work with people of all ages who, because of physical, developmental, social or emotional problems, need specialized assistance to lead productive and satisfying lives. The term “occupational” refers to any actions that are meaningful to the individual within the environment in which he/she lives and functions.

Speech therapy for Communication and Swallowing Treatment

Speech-Language Pathologists specialize in evaluating function and providing treatment in in areas of communication and swallowing. Our SLPs work strategically with individuals to improve expression and comprehension of language, voice and resonance, cognitive-communication affecting memory and problem-solving, speech precision, and the ability to efficiently and safely swallow a variety of diet consistencies.

Lymphedema Management Program

Lymphedema, a common condition in cancer or former cancer patients, is identified by painful swelling in the arms or legs that occurs when lymphatic fluid accumulates in those limbs. Lymphedema most often causes a feeling of heaviness, slight discomfort or cosmetic deformity and can lead to infections, such as cellulitis.

Because lymphedema can prevent wounds from healing properly, it is important that the condition is managed properly under a specialist’s supervision.

During our lymphedema management program, a treatment plan is developed for each patient based on their individual needs and medical history. The most effective and least invasive approach is complete decongestive therapy (CDT), which is a combination of hygiene/topical skin care, manual lymphatic drainage, bandaging/compression and remedial exercises.

For additional information on the Lymphedema Management Program, please contact us at 912-819-6176.

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