Compassionate and Latest Chemotherapy Treatment

The LCRP's onsite lab, located in the Outpatient Infusion Center, allows chemotherapy treatments to be prepared where patients are treated.

Our Outpatient Infusion Center is staffed by:

  • Oncology-certified nurses who have advanced educational and clinical training, which provides patients, physicians and other specialists with a heightened level of confidence

  • Oncology pharmacists who oversee the pharmaceutical preparation and administration of chemotherapy and are directly involved in the drug treatment of treatment side effects (in some cases, they may help design specific drug protocols)

  • A social worker who provides psychosocial counseling, referrals to community resources and serves as a resource for patients in need of financial assistance. (Qualifying patients may participate in drug replacement programs as well as co-pay benefit programs.)

This focused pharmacological approach allows our dedicated team to be aware of the potential challenges of drug therapy, to come up with viable solutions and to answer any questions immediately that might arise during treatment.

The Infusion Center is located on the second floor of the LCRP. Contact us at 912-819-8034.

The LCRP in the Low Country

Because we want to make it as convenient as possible for you, we offer two locations for infusion in South Carolina. 
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