The Nancy N. and J.C. Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion (LCRP) plays an important role in cancer research by collecting tissue samples, called biospecimens, which help researchers study how cancer develops, grows and spreads so they can find new methods of prevention, early diagnosis and treatment. The LCRP has been collecting biospecimens since January 2008.

Biospecimens/tissues include materials from your body such as skin, hair, nails, blood, and tissue removed from surgery. At the LCRP, we collect blood and tissues removed from surgery for research. This tissue may lead to discoveries that help to prevent cancer in the future, to develop tests to detect cancer earlier, and to personalize cancer medicines. Not all patients with cancer are eligible for donation. Patients must be screened by a care team member for eligibility.

The LCRP Biospecimen Research Initiatives has multiple research partners where tissue samples are sent. Our first partnership began in 2008 with an Academic partner through the Medical College of Georgie (MCG), now Augusta University. Augusta Unversity houses the statewide repository of tissue samples as a part of the Bio-Repository Alliance of Georgia for Oncology (BRAG-Onc). The aim of the alliance is to foster cancer research in the state of Georgia. Our other partner is a National Commercial/Academic partner.

The LCRP is a participant in the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP), which assesses how the National Cancer Institute's guidelines for collecting and storing biospecimens can be applied nationwide to benefit the entire cancer research community. The overall goal of the NCORP, in relation to biospecimens, is to standardize the collection, storage and handling of biospecimens to provide researchers with high-quality samples to conduct research.

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For more information about biospecimen/tissue collection at the Nancy N. and J.C. Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion at St. Joseph's/Candler, please call 912-819-5704.

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