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We've done our part to fight COVID-19. Now it's your tun.

No matter your reason for not getting vaccinated, here's something you should know: our COVID-19 admissions have spiked to their highest level yet. That means potentially fewer beds and resources available for people suffering from other serious and life-threatening conditions. And, after devoting so much effort to fighting a preventable illness, our doctors and nurses are tired. They are frustrated and disheartened. So we're begging you, show you care by getting vaccinated. For you. For them. For the entire community.

By The Numbers:

  • 70 percent - The general population vaccination goal
  • 50 percent - Chatham County vaccination rate
  • 38 percent - Effingham County vaccination rate
  • 48 percent - Bryan County vaccination rate

COVID-19 vaccination statistics effective Sept. 30, 2021.

Be A Hero. Get Vaccinated. #Care4Yall

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A Message From Our Co-Workers:

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