Improve Healing with the Center for Hyperbarics and Wound Care

Learn how Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is Healing Patients with Chronic Wounds

Wounds need Oxygen to heal from the inside out.  When a wound does not respond to traditional wound care treatment, hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be needed.  At St. Joseph’s/Candler, our technology allows a patient to lie in a chamber breathing 100% pure oxygen.  This process allows your blood plasma to carry 15 to 20 times the normal amount of healing oxygen to the body’s tissue. The oxygen enriched blood also enhances the function of white blood cells and encourages the development of new capillaries aiding in the wound healing process. Treatments take approximately 120 minutes, depending on your diagnosis.

The Growing Need for Wound Care

Each year, there are 1.1 million to 1.8 million new cases and approximately 8 million Americans suffering from chronic wounds. Compelling statistics include:

  • More than 2 million Americans suffer from venous ulcers
  • 25.8 million Americans – 8.3 percent population—have diabetes
  • 26.9 percent of people over 65 have diabetes
  • 15 percent of all diabetics will develop chronic wounds

The American Diabetes Association estimates that diabetes-related amputation could be reduced by 50 percent if patients were routinely tested for neuropathy, educated to prevent injury or complications and provided related ancillary services.  While these numbers show the tremendous need for wound care, there is hope.  Studies have shown that wound care treatment facilities have significantly reduced amputation rates and shortened the length of hospital stays.

Who May Benefit From Our Specialized Wound Care

A patient with a wound that has not begun to heal in two weeks or is not completely healed in six weeks may benefit from our proven clinical practice guidelines. Our staff specializes in the treatment of acute and chronic non-healing wounds including:

  • burns
  • diabetic ulcers
  • ischemic ulcers
  • peristomal skin irritations
  • pressure ulcers
  • other chronic, non-healing wounds
  • traumatic wounds
  • surgical wounds
  • vasculitis
  • venous insufficiency

We utilize the newest clinical tools in wound healing, including state-of-the-art hyperbaric chambers that utilize pure oxygen to speed up the healing process.

Specialized Comprehensive Care for Patients with Chronic Wounds

Our wound care team  develops an individualized treatment plan utilizing the newest clinical tools and traditional clinical practices. Patient Care focuses on a whole-body approach to wound healing including:

  • Bio-engineered skin grafting
  • Compression Therapy
  • Diabetic teaching
  • Edema management
  • Non-invasive vascular testing
  • Nutritional assessment and counseling
  • Patient and caregiver wound management/prevention counseling
  • Pressure relief and offloading

Meet Our Team

Our physician-driven, multi-disciplinary healthcare team at the Center for Hyperbarics and Wound Care includes:

  • Physicians specially trained in wound management and hyperbaric medicine
  • Certified or specialty trained wound care nurses
  • Certified ostomy nurses (Moss Creek Location)
  • Highly trained clinical hyperbaric technicians
  • Healthcare educators

How to Make an Appointment

The Center for Hyperbarics and Wound Care has three locations to serve you.

Candler Hospital
Heart and Lung Building, Suite 201
5353 Reynolds Street
Savannah, Ga. 31405
(912) 819-8187

Bluffton/Hilton Head
19 Moss Creek Village, Suite B4
Bluffton, SC 29926

103B General Stewart Way
Hinesville, Ga 31313

Physician offices or individuals - no physician referral needed - may call the Center for Hyperbarics and Wound Care for a wound or hyperbaric evaluation.

The Center for Hyperbarics and Wound Care is an outpatient  non-emergent care facility.

Should an emergency occur after business hours, please call 911.


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