Incontinence Solutions at the Center for Pelvic Health

It’s something you never thought you’d experience and hoped would go away. It’s not a subject you’d ever talk about with your golf buddies or your girlfriends. In fact, it’s something you’d rather not talk about at all … even with your doctor.

But if you ignore it, it can get worse. In fact, it is treatable, but if you wait too long you may miss the window in which your symptoms can be reversed. So, have a frank conversation and let's get you the help you need. Our specialists focus on both urinary incontinence and bowel control

You’re having bathroom issues. Maybe that’s how you’d rather refer to it. After all, this is a little delicate.

At first it only happened when you coughed, laughed or sneezed but lately it’s more frequent and you can’t seem to get to the bathroom in time. You’re experiencing leakage with your bowels or urine and it’s starting to disrupt your life. The clinical term is “bowel or urinary incontinence” but, like you, most people simply refer to either condition as “no fun.”

First of all, know that you’re not alone. This is a problem that affects about one in twelve adults. That’s millions of people!  The good news is that there are treatments for your symptoms. It’s just that you haven’t wanted to talk about it because, well, it’s a bit embarrassing. Not exactly conversation for Thanksgiving dinner. Or any dinner for that matter.

You’ll be relieved to know that our physicians at St. Joseph’s/Candler are having this conversation with patients all the time. It’s not surprising or embarrassing for them and they’ve helped patients with bowel and urinary incontinence for years. It’s their goal to help you get back to your normal life, the activities you love, and not have to worry about bathroom problems. Because you have better things to think about. Like your next vacation. Or juggling carpool and after school activities. Or your next visit with your grandkids.

We want you to be able to laugh a big belly laugh with tears streaming down your cheeks without worrying if there’s going to be a little something dribbling onto the new boxers that your wife just bought for you. You know, the ones with little sailboats on them that you secretly like.

So, don’t delay. Diagnosing and treating bowel or urinary incontinence early is critical for a good outcome. Our physicians are ready to help you – with compassion, sensitivity, and completely without embarrassment – so your bathroom problems can be a thing of the past. 

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