Center for Pulmonary Health at St. Joseph's/Candler

We provide quality patient care management through the diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and follow-up of patients with pulmonary disorders. St. Joseph's/Candler maintains a highly skilled pulmonary team consisting of the following:

  • Board-certified pulmonologists
  • Board-certified interventional pulmonologists
  • Critical care certified nurses
  • Pulmonary nurse case manager
  • Certified respiratory technicians
  • Registered respiratory therapists
  • Registered pulmonary function technologists
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Pulmonary educator
  • Pulmonary diagnostics team.

Additionally, we are a three-time first place award (GHA, PHA, Georgia State House of Representatives) recipient for smoking cessation with our inpatient education.

The Center for Pulmonary Health, located at Candler Hospital, is a 39-bed unit using a multidisciplinary approach to provide care for adult and geriatric medical patients. With an emphasis on respiratory disease, our team consists of registered nurses, licensed nurse practitioners, patient care technicians and registered respiratory therapists. We focus on early recognition of problems, implementation of appropriate interventions and chronic disease management.

Complete Pulmonary Care

From diagnosis and treatment to monitoring and follow-up, our competent and caring staff affords patients the best pulmonary care in the region. Pulmonary diagnostics offers a full range of tests and services for inpatients and outpatients, including the following:

  • Lung volume and flow studies
  • Diffusion capacity
  • Body plethysmography
  • Bronchial challenge testing
  • Nutritional assessments
  • Exercise oximetry
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Interventional pulmonology
  • Cardiopulmonary stress testing
  • Sleep disorder testing
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Ultrasound bronchoscopy.

Center for Pulmonary Health Locations

St. Joseph's Hospital
11705 Mercy Boulevard
Savannah, Georgia 31419
Phone: (912) 819-2455
Fax: (912) 819-2415
Candler Hospital
5353 Reynolds Street
Savannah, Georgia 31405
Phone: (912) 819-6095
Fax: (912) 819-6308

  • St. Joseph's Hospital Campus: 11705 Mercy Blvd., Savannah, GA 31419, (p) 912-819-4100
  • Candler Hospital Campus: 5353 Reynolds St., Savannah, GA 31405, (p) 912-819-6000
  • Find us on:

St.Joseph's Hospital Campus: 912-819-4100

Candler Hospital Campus: 912-819-6000