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COVID-19 vaccination information for St. Joseph's/Candler patients

St. Joseph’s/Candler is vaccinating patients who are 55 and older, as well as caregivers and those with underlying medical conditions, as part of the second phase of the state of Georgia’s COVID-19 vaccine roll out, beginning with current primary care patients who live in Chatham County.

Scheduling for those that qualify has begun for current patients of SJ/C Primary Care.

If you are NOT a current patient of St. Joseph’s/Candler, please contact the Coastal Health District here:

There will be some key criteria for vaccination of St. Joseph’s/Candler patients: 

  • This phase will only be for those primary care patients who are 55 and older, are caretakers or have an underlying medical condition
  • Patients must be a current patient with a St. Joseph’s/Candler primary care physician in Chatham County
    • Information for distribution to patients outside of Chatham County will be coming soon

St. Joseph’s/Candler is establishing a centralized location for all vaccinations.

The dates and times of these clinics is contingent upon receipt of vaccines, the arrival of which is yet to be determined.

When the patient is scheduled, they will be directed to the location.

Vaccinations are appointment only.  

Information on how to schedule an appointment will be sent to appropriate patients via text messages, patient portal messages as well as posts on SJ/C website and social media.  


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