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The Mercy Society

The Mercy Society is a select group of caring and involved people who have made a personal pledge to promote excellence in healthcare for our community. The compassionate individuals united by this honorary distinction share a profound commitment to St. Joseph’s/Candler (SJ/C) and our tradition of quality healthcare services.

Your philanthropic support is key to helping SJ/C achieve its mission: Rooted in God’s love, we treat illness and promote wellness for all people. With roots dating back to 1804, St. Joseph’s/Candler is the largest and most experienced healthcare provider in the region.

Please consider becoming a valued member of The Mercy Society and the unique opportunity to share in our tradition of people helping people. We believe you will find that investing in the health and wellbeing of our community is one of the most worthwhile and fulfilling ways of making a difference—today, and into the future.

Contact us to learn how to join The Mercy Society

For more information about giving opportunities for the St. Joseph’s/Candler Foundations, please call our main office at (912) 819-8683.

Levels of support include:
Platinum:  $50,000
Gold:  $25,000
Silver:  $10,000

These compassionate individuals are committed to investing in the health and wellbeing of our community by making a pledge that is payable over up to three years.

The Mercy Society Founding Members

Inge Brasseler
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Demere, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. John Fillingim
J.C. Lewis Foundation
Ann Lytle
The Mingledorff Family Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Rickard Culbreth
Brian and Kathie Harlander
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Johnston
Mrs. Jane S. Naismith 
Thomas V. & Susan G. Reilly
Dr. Carlos Rivera & Mrs. Wallette Widener 
Dr. Randolph C. Bishop & Dr. Priscilla Ross
Mr. James R. English
Mrs. Carlton Gill
Fran and Paul Hinchey
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kehoe III
Dr. David and Gail Knopf
Kole Family Foundation
Sally and Stephen Lufburrow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vincent Martin III
Dr. Julia Mikell
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Minis 
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Paddison
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Prendergast
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Schlafstein, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Sheils, Jr.
Elizabeth Talcott Stout 
Mr. Einar S. Trosdall III 

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Albert
Dr. Joenie T. Almeida
Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Anckner
Mr. Charles Anderson & Dr. Suzanne Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Barrow III
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Barrow
The Honorable Judge & Mrs. James F. Bass
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. W. Guerry Conrade
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Costrini
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas V. Costrini
Jan and Michael J. Curran, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Daly III
Sherry Danello
Bill and Linda Daniel
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Decker
Dr. William Dickinson and Dr. Joe Ann Brandt
Mr. and Mrs. Ian J. Dickson
Jim and Stephanie Diemer
Dr. Paul and Cheryl Drwiega
Dr. and Mrs. Nick Eskandar
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Fuqua
Dr. and Mrs. John P. George
Dr. Ronald F. Goldberg
Dr. and Mrs. Manning Goldsmith III
Dr. Christine A. Green, M.D.
Brent and Lindsay Harlander
Sr. Susan Harms
Dolores J. Haviland-Foley
James and Janice Hazel
Jimmy Hedrick
Nolan Hennessee
The Thomas C. Hester Family
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Hughes
Nancy Elizabeth Johnson
Dr. Robert E. and Mimi Jones
The Kaminsky Family
Allan and Elaine Kennedy
Dr. Jeff Kenney and Dr. Monica Kenney
Capt. Lux and Kay Lakshman
The Lauretti Family
Dr. and Mrs. Grant Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle McCann
Mr. and Mrs. J. Cliff McCurry
Graham McGoldrick
Dr. and Mrs. Richard McIncrow
Dr. Allen Meglin 
Greg and Vicki Menke
Dr. and Mrs. John LeCraw Mikell
Joe and Price Mingledorff
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Minton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Murphy III
Niko and Betsy Ormond
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Peterson
Dr. Thomas H. Philbrick, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel Pitt
Steve and Donna Pound
Vernice Rackett
Dr. and Mrs. William Edward Richards
Dr. and Mrs. John Rowlett
Constance Sanders
Sara and William Sands
Dr. and Mrs. Glen Lee Scarbrough
Greg and Karen Schaack
Dr. Mary Sparkes and Debbie Bergeron
Mike and Linda Stephens
Michael W. Towson
Jil and Brad Trower
Dr. Karen Turner
Dr. and Mrs. Jules Victor III
Dr. and Mrs. William F. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Wasden III
Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Waters
Mr. and Mrs. James Corde Wilson III
Dr. Sol and Stephanie Zerden

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