Set Up Mobile Mammography Screenings

mammography program can be included in worksite and community wellness programs. Studies show that on-site screenings can increase employee participation rates to as high as 90 percent (from a 60-70 percent rate for services offered off-site). The most important advantage of such a program is its ability to save lives.
Your site coordinator will work with the Mobile Mammography’s cancer services coordinator to carry out the following responsibilities:

  • Arrange for a suitable parking location for the Screen Machine
  • Publicize the program through distribution of posters, flyers and e-mails provided by Mobile Mammography
  • Assist with scheduling and pre-screening paperwork

Employer Benefits or Workplace Screening

  • Reduced absenteeism – Cancers that are detected in the early stages generally require less extensive medical treatment, resulting in less time away from work.
  • Increased productivity – In the same time as an average coffee break (15 minutes) an employee can have a potentially life-saving mammogram. Under most circumstances, a mammogram scheduled at a fixed site would take much longer due to travel and wait times.
  • Lower health insurance premiums – The cost of treating early stage breast cancer averages one-tenth the cost of treating late-stage breast cancer, so employer insurance premiums are likely to decrease.
  • Enhanced employer/employee relationship – Being part of the Mobile Mammography program shows that the employer cares for the well-being of employees and it also boosts morale.
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