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AHA: Heart Attacks More Common Now in Younger People, Especially Women

AHA: Heart Health Pays Dividends for Businessman Who Survived Cardiac Arrest

AHA: Heart Health Research of 9/11 Survivors Slowly Realized, 17 Years Later

AHA: Heart Health's Impact on Brain May Begin in Childhood

AHA: Hearts From Unusual Donors Could Help Meet Growing Transplant Demand

AHA: Hospital Exec Saved at Very Facility Where He's Worked for Decades

AHA: Infection as a Baby Led to Heart Valve Surgery for Teen

AHA: Infections May Be a Trigger for Heart Attack, Stroke

AHA: Interpreters Are Key for Stroke Patients Struggling to Understand

AHA: It Takes More Than a Bribe to Get Some People to Exercise

AHA: It Took Heart Attack to Reveal Young Woman's Heart Defect

AHA: Losing Loved Ones to Heart Disease Moves Woman to Fight for Her Health

AHA: Lung Scans of COPD Patients Can Reveal Heart Disease -- and Death Risk

AHA: Marijuana, Cocaine May Play Role in Young Americans' Rising Stroke Rate

AHA: Music Helped This Young Stroke Survivor Stay Strong

AHA: News Anchor Opens Up to Viewers About Dad's Stroke

AHA: Nicotine Patch Safe for Smokers Hospitalized With Heart Trouble

AHA: Ozone Pollution May Be Linked to a Type of Bleeding Stroke

AHA: Poor Teeth-Brushing Habits Tied to Higher Heart Risk

AHA: Postpartum Depression May Raise Heart Risks

AHA: PTSD Common Among Those Who Suffer Tear in the Aorta's Wall

AHA: Researchers Suggest New Way to Possibly Eliminate Clogged Arteries

AHA: She Refuses to Let A Heart-Stopping Moment Slow Her

AHA: Startling These Twins Could Put Their Hearts at Risk

AHA: Stiffening of Blood Vessels May Point to Dementia Risk

AHA: Stroke Care Gains in Puerto Rico Falter After Hurricane Maria

AHA: Teen Went Into Cardiac Arrest During Spelling Bee

AHA: The Heart Problem This Stroke, Bypass Surgery Survivor Wasn't Expecting

AHA: This Family Walks to Honor a Young Life Lost to Heart Condition

AHA: This Halloween, Pumpkin Seeds Pack a Healthy Punch

AHA: Traumatic Childhood Could Increase Heart Disease Risk in Adulthood

AHA: Two Heart Surgeries Before His 1st Birthday. Now He's 12 and Healthy.

AHA: Warm, Wet Weather Linked to Better Outcomes for Stroke Survivors

AHA: Why More People Don't Call 911 When Stroke Symptoms Hit

AHA: Years After Pregnancy, Heart Risks Track From Mother to Child

AHA: Young Golfer Returns to Sport He Loves After Stroke

Ailing Heart Can Speed the Brain's Decline, Study Finds

Airport Scanners OK for People with Implanted Heart Devices: Study

Alcohol Helps Kill 2.8 Million People Globally Each Year

American Soldiers' Hearts in Worse Shape Than Civilians'

Americans Are Spending Even More Time Sitting, Study Shows

An Afternoon Nap May Lower Your Blood Pressure

An Upbeat Attitude Might Help Prevent 2nd Stroke

Animal Study Suggests Ritalin Won't Harm the Heart

Another Opioid Scourge: Infection-Related Strokes

Another Plus to Cardiac Rehab: Better Sex

Another Use for Beta Blockers? Curbing A-fib

'Antibiotic Envelopes' Could Cut Infections After Pacemaker Implant

Aortic Valve Disease Does Its Damage Slowly

As Hurricane Michael Nears, Expert Warns of Gas-Powered Generator Dangers

Aspirin, Fish Oil May Not Prevent Heart Trouble in Those Already at Risk

Bad Info May Be Scaring Patients Away From Heart-Healthy Statins

Be Prepared to Take FAST Action If You Suspect a Stroke

Beware the Vampire Bat, and Not for the Reason You Think

Bigger Waistlines a Threat to Women's Health, Even Without Obesity

Black Patients Have 5 Times the Rate of Blood Pressure Crises

Black Women in the U.S. Still Missing Out on Heart Care

Blood Banks Could Help Screen for Hereditary High Cholesterol

Blood Infection Sepsis Tied to Heart Attack, Stroke

Blood Test to Diagnose Heart Attacks May Not Be Foolproof

Blood Thinning Drug May Be Safer Option Against Recurrent Stroke

Botox May Help Prevent Post-Op A-Fib

Brain Bleed Risk Puts Safety of Low-Dose Aspirin in Doubt

Breast Cancer May Bring Higher Odds for A-fib, Too

Breastfeeding Bonus: Lower Stroke Risk for Mom Years Later

Breastfeeding Brings a Heart Bonus for Mom

'Broken Heart Syndrome' Warrants Careful Monitoring

Bystanders Key to Cutting Cardiac Arrest Deaths

Can a Broken Heart Contribute to Cancer?

Can Major Surgeries Cause a Long-Term 'Brain Drain'?

Cancer May Soon Replace Heart Disease as Leading Killer of Affluent Americans

Cardiologist Groups Say Newer Blood Thinners Best Against A-Fib

Caring Doctors Can Be Life-Changing for Diabetic Patients

Cholesterol Levels Spike After Christmas

Climate Change Could Bring More Infant Heart Defects: Study

Climate Change Ups Heat Deaths, Especially Among Elderly: Report

Cold, Windy Days Can Strain the Heart

Coming Soon: Battery-Free Pacemakers Powered by the Heart?

Common Diabetes Drug May Also Shield Kidneys, Heart

Control Your Blood Pressure to Head Off Serious Health Problems

Could Even High-Fat Dairy Be Good for You?

Could Too Much 'Good' HDL Cholesterol Be Bad for Your Heart?

CPAP Brings Longer Life for Obese People With Sleep Apnea: Study

CPR Less Likely for Black Kids in Poor Neighborhoods: Study

'Culturally Tailored' Program Helps Hispanics Cut Stroke Risk

Daily Vaping Tied to Doubling of Heart Attack Risk

Dance Your Way to Better Health

Daylight Saving Time Tied to Rise in A-Fib Hospitalizations

Dementia May Strike Differently, Depending on Race

Dentists Prescribe Antibiotics Far Too Often: Study

Diet for Blood Pressure May Also Reduce Heart Failure Risk

Dirty Air Kills 30,000 Americans Each Year

Dirty Air Tied to Raised Risk of Strokes, Shorter Lives

Discharge Day Won't Affect Heart Surgery Outcome: Study

Do Diabetics Really Need to Fast for Blood Tests?

Do Paramedics Shortchange Women With Heart Trouble?

Docs Back Away From Low-Dose Aspirin for Heart Attack Prevention

Does PTSD Really Harm Veterans' Hearts?

Does Stroke Run in Your Family? Healthy Living Lowers the Risk

Don't Overlook Heart Care After Cancer Diagnosis

'Double-Edged Sword': Lung Cancer Radiation Rx May Raise Heart Attack Risk

Eating Before Bedtime Won't Send Blood Sugar Levels Soaring

Eating More Red Meat May Shorten Your Life

Even 25 Cups of Coffee a Day May Be OK for Your Arteries: Study

Even a Drink a Day Might Raise Your Blood Pressure

Even at Low Levels, Toxic Metals Put Heart at Serious Risk: Study

Even Housework, Gardening Can Help an Older Woman's Heart

Everyday 'Triggers' May Bring on A-Fib Episodes, Study Finds

Evidence Doesn't Support Statin Use in Healthy Seniors

Experimental Blood Thinner May Help Prevent Stroke, Without the Bleeding Risk

'Extreme' Exercise No Danger to Middle-Aged Hearts: Study

Fast Facts for Men (and Women) About High Cholesterol

Fatal Medical Emergencies on the Rise Worldwide: Study

Few Americans Have Optimal 'Metabolic Health'

Fish, Fish Oil May Lower Your Heart Attack Risk

Fitness in Middle Age Cuts Men's Odds for COPD Later

Fitter Folks Suffer Milder Strokes: Study

Flu May Up the Odds of Stroke, Neck Artery Tears

Follow the Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss, Too

For a Healthier Heart, Stick to 6 to 8 Hours of Sleep

For Heart Patients, CPAP Treatment May Ease Depression: Study

For Obese People, Commuting by Car Can Be a Killer: Study

Forget Fasting Before That Cholesterol Test

Former NFL Players Have Higher Odds for Dangerous A-Fib

Frail Heart Patients at High Risk for Bleeding

Gene Test Might Someday Gauge Your Heart Attack Risk

Good Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Levels Can Prevent 'Heart Block'

Guys, Can You Do 40 Push-Ups? Heart-Healthy Life May Be Yours

Hard Arteries Hard on the Aging Brain?

Have Heart Failure? Flu Shot May Save Your Life

He Ate a 'Pot Lollipop' -- and a Heart Attack Soon Followed

Health Tip: A Nutritious Diet Can Help Your Heart

Health Tip: Caregiving After Stroke

Health Tip: Maintain a Healthy Heart While on Dialysis

Health Tip: Maintain Healthy Cholesterol

Health Tip: Make Snow Days Heart-Safe

Health Tip: Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Health Tip: Risk Factors for Stroke in Kids

Health Tip: Six Steps to a Healthier Life

Health Tip: Tracking High Triglycerides

Health Tip: Understanding a Heart Murmur

Healthy Lifestyle Makes for a Healthy Heart During Menopause

Heart Attacks Rising Among Younger Women

Heart Attacks Striking More Young Adults

Heart Care Guidelines Rarely Backed by Top-Notch Science

Heart Disease Is Lasting Threat to Breast Cancer Survivors

Heart Failure Patients Shouldn't Stop Meds Even if Condition Improves: Study

Heart Patients Pay the Price When Nearby Pharmacy Closes

Heart Risks Vary Among Asian-Americans

Heart Surgery Won't Cause Brain Decline, New Study Says

Heart-Breaking News for Egg Lovers

Heartburn Drugs Again Tied to Fatal Risks

Heart-Healthy Habits Good For Your Brain

Heart-Healthy Living Also Wards Off Type 2 Diabetes

Heavier People May Be More Likely to Survive a Stroke

Heavy Teen Boys May Face Higher Heart Disease Risk as Adults

Here's More Evidence Obesity Can Shorten Your Life

High Blood Pressure at Doctor's Office May Be More Dangerous Than Suspected

High Blood Pressure in Young Adults Tied to Earlier Strokes

High Blood Pressure, 'Bad' Cholesterol Risky for Young, Too

High Testosterone Levels Are Bad News for the Heart

Highly Processed Diets Tied to Heart Disease, Earlier Death

HIV Patients More Likely to Have Heart Troubles, But Less Access to Care

Holidays Hike Heart Attack Risk

Hookah Smoke Can Contain More Toxins Than Cigarettes, Experts Warn

Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer Might Harm the Heart: Study

Hospital Infections in Stroke Patients Raise Other Risks

Hot Water Soak May Help Ease Poor Leg Circulation

How Does Meth Trigger Heart Disease? New Research Offers Clues

How Getting a Flu Shot Could Save Your Life

How Many Fruits and Veggies Do You Really Need?

How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

How Much He Sleeps May Affect His Stroke Risk

How the Mediterranean Diet Can Help Women's Hearts

How to Create a Diet That Lowers Your Cholesterol

Infections, Especially UTIs, May Be Triggers for Strokes

In-Hospital Cardiac Arrests May Be a 'Major Public Health Problem'

Insomnia May Be in Your Genes

Is Daily Low-Dose Aspirin Really Worth It for Seniors?

Is Dairy Due for a 'Heart Health Makeover'?

Is Green Tea a Fad or a Real Health Boost?

Is It Heartburn or Something Else?

Israeli Team Announces First 3D-Printed Heart Using Human Cells

Just 30 Minutes of Light Exercise a Week May Keep Deadly Stroke at Bay

Just 300 Fewer Calories a Day Brings a Health Benefit

Just a Little Weightlifting Can Help Your Heart

Known Risks Don't Explain Blacks' Higher Rates of Sudden Cardiac Death

Lab-Grown Blood Vessels Could Be Big Medical Advance

Layer Up During the Polar Vortex

Long Work Hours Tied to Higher Odds for Stroke

Long-Term Antibiotic Use May Up Women's Odds for Heart Trouble

Low-Carb Diets Linked to Higher Odds for A-Fib

Low-Dose Aspirin Doesn't Prolong Survival in Prostate Cancer

Make a Healthy Game Plan for Super Bowl Partying

Many Cardiologists Ill-Equipped to Treat Heart Disease in Cancer Survivors

Many Feel 'Frozen' When Heart Attack Strikes

Many Heart Failure Patients Might Safely Reduce Use of Diuretics

Many Pregnancy-Related Maternal Deaths Occur Months After Delivery: CDC

Many Women With Heart Disease Falling Short on Exercise

Marathons Can Tax Amateurs' Hearts

Meds for Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Help the Heart -- But Maybe Not the Mind

Mick Jagger in Recovery After Heart Valve Procedure

Midlife Diabetes Can Really Raise Your Odds for Stroke Years Later

Mind-Reading Tech Could Bring 'Synthetic Speech' to Brain-Damaged Patients

'Moderate' Drinking May Help the Heart, But Only If You Stick With It: Study

Money Woes May Take Toll on Black Americans' Hearts

More Americans Are Eating Whole Grains, But Intake Still Too Low

More Complication Risks With C-Section Than Vaginal Delivery

More Education Could Mean Less Heart Disease

More Evidence Fried Food Ups Heart Disease, Stroke Risk

More Evidence Ties Stress to Heart Trouble

More Green Space May Mean a Healthier Heart

More Proof High-Fiber Diets Help Prevent Cancers, Heart Disease

More Reasons to Follow the Mediterranean Diet

More Smoking, Heart Woes Boost Native Americans' Stroke Risk

Move More, Live Longer

Must Blood Pressure Rise Wth Age? Remote Tribes Hold Clues

Nerve Stimulation May Help Curb Stroke Damage

New Cholesterol Drug's High Price May Not Be Worth It: Study

New Drug Could Help Those With Tough-to-Treat Cholesterol

New Evidence That Veggies Beat Steak for Heart Health

New Lab Test Spots Heart Attack, Risk of Future Heart Woes

New Theory Sheds Light on Leonardo da Vinci's Artistic Decline

New Wrinkle in Heart Health: Furrowed Brows May Bode Ill

Newborn Heart Problems Surged After Fukushima Nuke Disaster: Study

Newer Breathing Tube Might Save More Cardiac Arrest Patients

NFL Players' Enlarged Hearts May Harm Health for Decades

No Amount of Running Is Too Hard on Your Heart

Noisy Neighborhood? Your Heart May Pay a Price

Obesity a Heartbreaker for Kids

Obesity All on Its Own Can Raise Your Health Risks

Obesity Surgery May Cut Heart Attack Risk in Diabetics

Obesity Ups Survival in Heart Failure, but That's No Reason to Pile on Pounds

One Gene Change 2 Million Years Ago Left Humans Vulnerable to Heart Attack

One Man's Journey Back From Stroke at 52

Online History Gives Clues to Heart Ills

Opioid Use May Sometimes Trigger A-Fib

Opioids May Signal Poorer Outcomes for Heart Patients: Study

Overweight Kids Are at Risk for High Blood Pressure

Patient Catches on Fire During Heart Surgery

Plants on Your Plate Will Protect Your Heart

Poor Health Compounds Loneliness in Seniors

Pros, Cons to Multiple Meds for Nursing Home Residents

Psoriasis Meds Might Help Fight Heart Trouble, Too

Recipe for a Healthy Heart: Big Breakfasts, Less TV

Rekindling Your Sex Life After a Heart Attack

Rethinking Blood Pressure Readings

Saunas Seem to Do a Heart Good, Research Shows

Scientists Bring Pig's Brain, Dead 4 Hours, Back to 'Cellular Activity'

Scorching Pavement Sends Some to the ER With Burns

Secret Tunnels Between Skull, Brain Speed Immune Cells After Stroke in Mice

Security Scanners Safe for Patients With Heart Devices: Study

Seek Help Fast If You Have Heart Attack Symptoms on Vacation

Shift Work Is Tough on Workers' Hearts, Study Shows

Should You Get Pills or Surgery for A-Fib?

Simple CPR Doubles Survival Odds

Sit All Day at Work? Exercise Can Counter That

Skin 'Glow' Test Might Someday Spot Disease Risk Early

Skipping Breakfast Could Be a Bad Move for Your Heart

Sleep : The Right Prescription for Your Health

Sleep Apnea Patients Who Are Drowsy During the Day at Risk for Heart Woes

Small Fitness Gains Provide Big Heart Disease Protection: Study

Smoking Creates Long-Lasting Risk for Clogged Leg Arteries

Smoking Puts Blacks at High Risk of Serious Artery Disease: Study

Smoking, Diabetes May Be Especially Risky for Women's Hearts

Smoking, Drinking a Double Whammy for Teens' Arteries: Study

Snoring May Be Bigger Health Threat to Women Than Men

Social Support Key to Good Mental Health After Stroke: Study

Some Diabetes Drugs Linked to Higher Heart Risks

'Southern' Diet Blamed for Black Americans' Health Woes

Speed Stroke Recovery With Exercise

Statins May Lower Risk of Stroke After Cancer Radiotherapy

Stopping Aspirin 3 Months After Stent Is Safe, Study Finds

Strict Blood Pressure Control Could Help Make Stroke Care Safer

Strict Blood Pressure Limits for Kids Tied to Heart Health Later

Stroke Rates Higher Among Pot Users

Study Casts Doubt on Light Drinking's Benefits

Study Finds Some Patients With A-Fib Have Hidden Brain Damage

Study Refutes Notion That People on Warfarin Shouldn't Eat Leafy Greens

Study Ties Cancer-Causing HPV to Heart Disease, Too

Study Urges Seniors to Get Moving to Live Longer

Surprising Ways Owning a Dog Is Good for Your Health

Take High Blood Pressure Meds? Exercise Might Work Just as Well

Take Steps to Prevent a Stroke

Take the Stairs: An 'Exercise Snack' Can Do Wonders for Your Heart and Lungs

Testosterone Therapy May Threaten the Heart

The 'Bottom' Blood Pressure Number Matters, Too

The Sooner You Quit Smoking, the Better

Tight Diabetes Control Alone May Not Benefit the Heart Long-Term

Timing of Meals Can Influence Heart Attack Recovery

Tiny Self-Guided Robot Navigates Through the Heart

To Help Beat Heart Disease, Stay Upbeat

Today's Go-Go World Too Much for Too Many Hearts

Trying to Avoid a Second Stroke? Blood Pressure Control Is Key

TV Watching May Be Most Unhealthy Type of Sitting: Study

U.S. Heart Failure Rates Are Rising, Especially for Black Adults

Vaccine to Stop Recurrent Strokes Shows Promise in Mice

Vitamin D Supplements May Not Help Your Heart

Walking, Not Riding, Boosts Health in Golfers With Knee Woes

Walnuts, Almonds Help the Hearts of Those With Type 2 Diabetes

Want to Learn CPR? Try an Automated Kiosk

Want to Live Longer? Just Sit a Bit Less Each Day

Weight-Loss Drug Belviq Is First to Show No Harm to Heart

Weight-Loss Surgery Boosts Success of Procedure to Fix A-Fib

What If You Were Your Own Blood Donor for Surgery?

When Heart Attack Strikes, Women Often Hesitate to Call for Help

When it Comes to Diet, Not All Plants Are Created Equal

Where a Woman's Fat Lies Hints at Future Heart Troubles

Why More Patients Are Surviving an Aneurysm

Why So Many Firefighters Die From Cardiac Arrest

Why Your Heart Needs a Good Night's Sleep

Will a Defibrillator 'Vest' Protect Recent Heart Attack Patients?

Window for Safe Use of Clot-Buster Widens for Stroke Patients

With Stroke Comes Higher Dementia Risk: Study

Women in Cardiac Arrest Less Likely to Receive Help, Study Finds

Work Stress, Poor Sleep, High Blood Pressure a Deadly Trio

Workplace Bullies Can Threaten the Heart

You Can Cut Your Odds for an Aortic Aneurysm

Young Female Smokers at Especially High Heart Risk

Your Apple Watch Might Help Spot a Dangerous Irregular Heartbeat

'Yo-Yo' Cardio Readings May Signal Heart Risks

'Zap' Ear Clip May Ease A-Fib

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