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Air Pollution Bad News for Your Blood Pressure

American Soldiers' Hearts in Worse Shape Than Civilians'

An Afternoon Nap May Lower Your Blood Pressure

An Upbeat Attitude Might Help Prevent 2nd Stroke

Brief Morning Exercise Helps Ease Blood Pressure Throughout the Day

Control Your Blood Pressure to Head Off Serious Health Problems

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Health Screenings Every Woman Needs

Health Tip: Control Your Blood Pressure

Health Tip: Controlling Your Blood Pressure

Heart Attack Can Be More Lethal If Symptoms Are More Gradual

Heart Attacks Rising Among Younger Women

Heart Care Guidelines Rarely Backed by Top-Notch Science

Heart Patients Pay the Price When Nearby Pharmacy Closes

Heart-Healthy Living Also Wards Off Type 2 Diabetes

High Blood Pressure at Doctor's Office May Be More Dangerous Than Suspected

High Blood Pressure Hits Urban Blacks Harder

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High Blood Pressure, 'Bad' Cholesterol Risky for Young, Too

HIV Patients More Likely to Have Heart Troubles, But Less Access to Care

Hookah Smoke Can Contain More Toxins Than Cigarettes, Experts Warn

'Hot' Yoga, Hula Dance Your Way to Healthy Blood Pressure

How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

Hurricane Dorian Can Wreak Havoc on Heart Health

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Just 30 Minutes of Light Exercise a Week May Keep Deadly Stroke at Bay

Just 300 Fewer Calories a Day Brings a Health Benefit

Lifestyle May Matter More Than Your Genes in Early Heart Disease

Make a Healthy Game Plan for Super Bowl Partying

Marathons Can Tax Amateurs' Hearts

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More Green Space May Mean a Healthier Heart

More Smoking, Heart Woes Boost Native Americans' Stroke Risk

New Evidence That Veggies Beat Steak for Heart Health

NFL Players' Enlarged Hearts May Harm Health for Decades

'No Quick Fix' for A-Fib, But Cardiologist Says You Can Help Prevent It

Obesity a Heartbreaker for Kids

Obesity Ups Survival in Heart Failure, but That's No Reason to Pile on Pounds

One Gene Change 2 Million Years Ago Left Humans Vulnerable to Heart Attack

Overweight Kids Are at Risk for High Blood Pressure

Plants on Your Plate Will Protect Your Heart

Pros, Cons to Multiple Meds for Nursing Home Residents

PTSD Drug May Do More Harm Than Good

Putting Faith in Blood Pressure Control for Black Patients

Rethinking Blood Pressure Readings

Rising Obesity Rates Undermining Strides Made Against Heart Disease

'Selfies' Might Someday Track Your Blood Pressure

Skin 'Glow' Test Might Someday Spot Disease Risk Early

Sleep Position Unlikely to Affect Baby's Health in Pregnancy, Study Finds

Smoking Bans Might Help Nonsmokers' Blood Pressure

Smoking, Diabetes May Be Especially Risky for Women's Hearts

'Southern' Diet Blamed for Black Americans' Health Woes

Strict Blood Pressure Control Could Help Make Stroke Care Safer

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Why Your Heart Needs a Good Night's Sleep

Work Stress, Poor Sleep, High Blood Pressure a Deadly Trio

'Yo-Yo' Cardio Readings May Signal Heart Risks

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