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A Healthy Diet Is Never Too Late With Colon Cancer

A New Way to Fight a Previously 'Inoperable' Pancreatic Cancer

Acupressure Is Good Medicine for Breast Cancer Survivors

Adding Blood Test for Pancreatic Cancer May Aid Early Detection

After a Spouse's Death, Sleep Woes Up Health Risks

Aggressive Approach to Pancreatic Cysts May Prevent Dreaded Cancer

AHA News: Cancers of the Heart Are Rare -- and Here's Why

AHA: How to Beat Triggers That Make You Crave a Cigarette

AI Beats Humans at Detecting Cervical Precancers

AI Takes Aim at Lung Cancer Screening

Almost Half of Global Cases of Childhood Cancer Go Undiagnosed

Ancestry Matters When Seeking Matched Bone Marrow Donors

Are Primary Care Doctors Prepared to Discuss Cancer Treatment?

Aspirin Can Help Prevent Colon Cancer, But Many at Risk Don't Take It

Benign Ovarian Cysts Should Be Left in Place, Study Suggests

Bigger Family, Lower Cancer Risk?

Blood Test Could Spot Multiple Cancer Types, Researchers Say

Breast Cancer and DDT: Timing of Exposure May Matter

Breast Cancer Deadlier for Black Women, Despite Same Treatments

Breast Cancer May Bring Higher Odds for A-fib, Too

Can a Broken Heart Contribute to Cancer?

Can Aspirin Help Tackle Some Cancers?

Can Breast Cancer Be a Risk Factor for Opioid Use Among Older Patients?

Cancer Diagnosis May Quadruple Suicide Risk

Cancer Drugs Sometimes Work in Unexpected Ways: Study

Cancer May Soon Replace Heart Disease as Leading Killer of Affluent Americans

Cancer Patients May Face Greater Risk of Shingles

Cancer Risk Rises After Iodine Rx for Overactive Thyroid: Study

Cancer Survivors May Have Lower Odds for Dementia

Cancer Survivors Predicted to Top 22 Million by 2030

Canine Bone Cancer Vaccine Hints at a Human Version

Caring Doctors Can Be Life-Changing for Diabetic Patients

Catnip: The 'Why' Behind Cats' Favorite High

Cervical 'Microbiome' Could Help Predict Cancer Risk

Chemo 'Cocktail' Embraced as Pancreatic Cancer Breakthrough

Childhood Cancer Steals Over 11 Million Years of Healthy Life: Study

Childhood Cancer Survivors Struggle With Heart Troubles

Childhood TB Shot May Offer Long-Term Protection from Lung Cancer

Choose the Right Colon Cancer Screening Option

Colon Cancer Rates Rising Among the Young in Wealthy Nations

Colon Cancer Striking More Under 50, and More Often in Western States

Colon Cancer Usually Diagnosed Late in Under-50 Adults

Common Drug Shows Promise Against Lymphedema

Complete Tumor Removal in Dogs Cuts Risk of Cancer's Return: Study

Could 2 Prostate Cancer Drugs Fight Disease in Earlier Stages?

Could Common Heart Meds Lower Prostate Cancer Risk?

Could Invasive Lung Cancer Biopsies Be Replaced by Blood Tests?

Could the U.S. Mail Deliver Better Colon Cancer Screening Rates?

Crohn's, Colitis May Be Tied to Prostate Cancer

Dark Skin No Protection Against Sun's Harmful Rays

Despite Cancer Screening, 'Oldest Old' Have Low Survival Odds: Study

Despite Gains, Black Americans Still Have Highest Cancer Death Rate

Device Spots Lymphedema Early in Breast Cancer Patients, to Help Stop It

Do Doctors Give Better Care in the Morning?

Doctors Aren't Promoting Breastfeeding's Cancer-Protection Benefit

Does Cancer Battle Bring Personal Growth? Yes and No, Survivors Say

Don't Let Fear of Cancer Keep You From Doctor Visits

'Double-Edged Sword': Lung Cancer Radiation Rx May Raise Heart Attack Risk

Doubt Over Long-Term Use of Hormone Rx for Recurrent Prostate Cancer

Drug Combo Does Double Duty Against Common Skin Lesions, Cancers

Drug Duo May Be an Advance Against a Common Leukemia

Drug Offers Hope Against a Tough-to-Treat Blood Cancer

Drug Trio Improves Odds Against Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

Dual-Drug Therapy May Boost Odds Against a Tough Breast Cancer

Early Birds May Have Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Early Risers May Be a Little Less Likely to Get Breast Cancer

Eating More Red Meat May Shorten Your Life

Even a Little Exercise May Help Cancer Patients Live Longer

Exercise Is Good Medicine for Advanced Colon Cancer

Exercise Might Guard Against Heart Damage of Chemo

Exercise Might Slow Colon Cancer's Advance

Exercise Your Right to Fight Disease

Fertility Treatments Don't Raise Cancer Risk for Offspring

Fewer Early Stage Breast Cancer Patients May Need Lymph Node Removal: Study

'Focused' Radiation Could Lighten Treatment Burden for Early Breast Cancer

For Younger Cancer Patients, Mastectomy vs. Breast-Conserving Surgery

Fungal Invasion May Drive Some Pancreatic Cancers

Gene Therapy May Help Fight Tough-to-Treat Blood Cancer

Gene-Based Therapy Helps Fight Advanced Prostate Cancer

Global Melanoma Deaths Up Among Men, But Not Women

Guard Your Skin Against the Summer Sun

Head, Neck Cancers Up Among 9-11 Responders: Study

Head, Neck Melanomas Show Alarming Rise in Young Americans

Health Screenings Every Woman Needs

Health Tip: Considering Genetic Testing For Cancer?

Health Tip: Don't Ignore Changes in Skin Color

Health Tip: Getting the Flu If You Have Cancer

Health Tip: How Diet and Exercise Affect Cancer Risk

Health Tip: Managing Hair Loss From Chemotherapy

Health Tip: Managing Nausea for Cancer Patients

Health Tip: Nurture Your Emotional Health as a Cancer Patient

Health Tip: Symptoms of Neuropathy Caused By Chemo

Healthy Lifestyle Lowers Odds of Breast Cancer's Return

Hepatitis C Screening Can Help Prevent Liver Disease

High Deductibles May Threaten Breast Cancer Patients' Survival

High-Dose Radiation a Game Changer in Fighting Deadly Prostate Cancer

High-Fiber Diet May Help Gut 'Microbiome' Battle Melanoma

Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer Might Harm the Heart: Study

Hormone Treatment for Prostate Cancer Linked to Heightened Alzheimer's Risk

How Do Birth Defects Affect Childhood Cancer Risk?

How Necessary Is HPV Cervical Cancer Screening for Women After Age 55?

HPV Infections Most Tied to Cancer Are in Decline, and Vaccines May Be Why

HPV Might Be Behind Vocal Cord Cancers in Young

HPV Vaccination Rate in U.S. Girls Has Stalled

Hurricanes Can Hurt Survival Odds Among Those With Cancer

Hysterectomy Procedure Tied to Worse Cancer Outcomes

Incontinence Drug May Cut Hot Flashes in Breast Cancer Survivors

Insurers' Denials of Opioid Coverage Spurs CDC to Clarify Guidelines

Is AI a New Weapon in Breast Cancer Detection?

Is At-Home Stool Test a Viable Alternative to Colonoscopy?

Is Crowdfunding Too Often Used for Bogus Treatments?

Is Green Tea a Fad or a Real Health Boost?

Is Melanoma Suspected? Get 2nd Opinion From Specialist, Study Says

Is That Prostate Cancer Worth Treating? Chromosomes May Tell

Kidney Failure Patients Face Higher Risk of Cancer Death

Less-Invasive Surgery for Cervical Cancer May Bring More Risks, Studies Find

Lifestyle Changes Can Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk

Looking to Whales for Insight on Human Cancers

Love Organic Foods? Your Odds for Some Cancers May Fall

Low-Dose Aspirin Doesn't Prolong Survival in Prostate Cancer

Lung Cancer Screening Can Detect Other Smoking Ills

Major Study Gives Women More Guidance on Hormone Therapy During Menopause

Make Cancer Prevention a Priority in 2019

Many Advanced Colon Cancers Were 'Born' Ready to Spread

Many Cancer Patients Have Undiagnosed Hepatitis

Many Cancer Patients Take Alternative Meds But Don't Tell Their Doctors

Many Cardiologists Ill-Equipped to Treat Heart Disease in Cancer Survivors

Medical Bills 'Toxic' for Some Breast Cancer Patients

Medical Marijuana Use Rising Among Cancer Patients

Mind-Reading Tech Could Bring 'Synthetic Speech' to Brain-Damaged Patients

More Americans Are Eating Whole Grains, But Intake Still Too Low

More Antibiotics, Higher Odds for Colon Cancer?

More Evidence HPV Vaccine Cuts Cervical Cancer Rate

More Proof High-Fiber Diets Help Prevent Cancers, Heart Disease

Most Americans in the Dark About Cancer-Causing HPV, Survey Finds

Most Nations May Be Rid of Cervical Cancer By 2100

Move More, Live Longer

Mustaches Are More Than Just Manly, They Guard Against Sun's Rays

New 'Cancer Vaccine' Attacks Tumors From Within

New DNA Blood Test May Help Guide Breast Cancer Treatment

New Moms Can Save a Life By Donating Cord Blood

New Study Finds a Family Risk for Blood Cancer

New Test Can Pinpoint Which Pancreatic Cysts Might Turn Cancerous

New Treatment Offers Hope for Kids With Deadly Nerve Cancer

New Treatments Could Be Powerful Weapons Against Brain Tumors

Newer Drug Extends Lives of Young Breast Cancer Patients

Newer Lung Cancer Screening Saves More Lives

No Needle Prick: Laser-Based Test Hunts Stray Melanoma Cells in Blood

Obesity May Be Driving Rise in Uterine Cancers

Obesity to Blame for Almost 1 in 25 Cancers Worldwide

One High Dose of Radiation May Be Enough for Early Prostate Cancer

One Key Step Can Help Cancer Patients Quit Smoking

Pancreatic Cancer Survival Odds Linked to Weight Before Age 50

Paperwork, High Costs Could Mean Worse Survival for Lung Cancer Patients

Poor Diet Might Raise Your Cancer Risk

Pregnant Women Exposed to More Risky CT Scans

PTSD a Risk Factor for Ovarian Cancer?

Quitting Smoking Helps Shield Women From Bladder Cancer: Study

Race May Matter for Liver Transplant Success

Radiation Doses From CT Scans Vary Widely

Radiation for Head and Neck Cancer May Cause Problems Years Later

Radiation Right After Surgery Might Not Help Prostate Cancer Patients

Red Meat May Raise Breast Cancer Risk

Red Tape Means Many Cancer Patients Get Radiation Treatments Late

Researchers Seek Firefighters for Data on Cancer Risk

Roundup Linked to Human Liver Damage: Study

Routine Screening for Pancreatic Cancer Not Warranted, Expert Panel Says

Scared Safe: Pics of Sun's Damage to Face Boost Sunscreen Use

Scientists Spot Clues to Predicting Breast Cancer's Return

Should You Get Tested for the 'Breast Cancer Genes'?

Sit All Day at Work? Exercise Can Counter That

Skin Creams May Be OK During Cancer Radiation Therapies, Study Finds

Smokers May Fare Worse Against the Deadliest Skin Cancer

Some of Most Common, Deadly Cancers Get the Least Research Money

Statins May Lower Risk of Stroke After Cancer Radiotherapy

Staying Optimistic Might Lengthen Your Life, Study Shows

Still Too Few Teens Getting the HPV Vaccine

Still Too Much Processed Meat, Too Little Fish in U.S. Diets

Study Points to Herd Immunity Against HPV in Unvaccinated U.S. Adults

Study Reaffirms Safety of Hepatitis C Meds in Liver Cancer Patients

Study Supports Radiation for Early, Hormone-Driven Breast Cancer

Study Ties Cancer-Causing HPV to Heart Disease, Too

Sugary Sodas, Juices Tied to Higher Cancer Risk

Suicide Risk Rises Following Cancer Diagnosis

Surgery May Benefit Some With Early Prostate Cancer: Study

Tamoxifen at a Lower Dose Might Still Prevent Breast Cancer's Return

Tasmanian Devils Likely to Survive Cancer Scourge

Teenage Obesity May Raise Pancreatic Cancer Risk Years Later

Testicular Cancer a Bigger Threat to Young Men

Testicular Cancer Treatment Doesn't Always Doom Fertility

Testicular Cancer Treatment Unlikely to Trigger Birth Defects

The Bigger the Brain, the Bigger the Tumor Risk?

Too Few Women Are Getting Cervical Cancer Screening

Too Much Time in the Sun? Skin Patch Might Tell

Too Much TV Raises Women's Odds for Early-Onset Colon Cancer: Study

Treatment Advances Making Pancreatic Cancer a Less Deadly Disease

U.S. Cancer Cases, Deaths Continue to Fall

U.S. Cancer Deaths Continue to Decline

U.S. Leads World in Reducing Prostate Cancer Cases

U.S. Minorities' Recent Health Gains May Be Slowing

U.S. Task Force Updates Breast Cancer Gene Testing Recommendations

Use of Meds for Enlarged Prostate Might Delay a Cancer Diagnosis

Vaping May Trigger Lung Damage Like That Seen in Emphysema

Vitamin A Linked to Lower Odds of Common Skin Cancer

'Watchful Waiting' Less Likely for Black Prostate Cancer Patients

What Is Your Risk for Prostate Cancer?

When Using Moisturizers With Sunscreen, Don't Miss Around the Eyes

With Weeks to Live, Many Cancer Patients Try Useless Treatments

Yogurt Might Help Men Avoid Colon Cancer: Study

Young, and Learning Too Late That Sun Safety Matters

Younger Breast Cancer Survivors Suffer More Bone Loss From Treatment

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