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Common Yeast Infection Treatment Tied to Miscarriage, Birth Defects

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Few Pregnant Women Get Right Amount of Nutrients

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Fish Oil Pills During Pregnancy Might Mean Stronger, Healthier Kids

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Flu Vaccine Safe During Pregnancy

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Herbals in Pregnancy May Endanger Mom, Baby

High Levels of Estrogen in Womb Might Raise Autism Risk

High-Fiber Diets Might Shield Against a Common Pregnancy Complication

How Does Sunshine During Pregnancy Affect Learning?

In a U.S. First, Baby Is Delivered From Womb Transplanted From Deceased Donor

Kratom Use in Pregnancy Spurs Withdrawal Symptoms in Newborns

Major Childbirth Complications More Likely for Black Women

Many Pregnancy-Related Maternal Deaths Occur Months After Delivery: CDC

Many Smokers Switch to Vaping While Pregnant, But Safety Issues Remain

Mediterranean Diet Has Big Benefits for Expectant Moms: Study

Mom's Prenatal Fish Oil Might Help Kids' Blood Pressure Later

Mom-to-Be's High-Gluten Diet Linked to Type 1 Diabetes in Baby

Monkeys Can Carry Zika Virus, Scientists Discover

More Women Using Pot During Pregnancy, Despite Potential Harms to Baby

Most States Restrict Pregnant Women's Advance Directives: Study

New Link Between Mom-to-Be's Diet, Child's ADHD

New Moms Can Save a Life By Donating Cord Blood

Newborn Heart Problems Surged After Fukushima Nuke Disaster: Study

Nursing Moms Who Eat Right Have Slimmer, Healthier Babies

Opioid Use in Pregnancy Tied to Severe Birth Defects

Opioids Exact Another Toll on Newborns: Smaller Heads

Opioids Increasingly Tied to Deaths of Pregnant Women

'Panic Parenting' Fear Drives Many Women to Freeze Eggs

Pesticides Tied to Autism Risk in Kids

Pot During Pregnancy May Raise Child's Psychosis Risk

Pot Use During Early Pregnancy on the Rise

Preeclampsia Tied to Tripling of Dementia in Later Life

Pregnancy Complications Down for Women With Lupus

Pregnancy Complications Tied to More Menopausal Hot Flashes

Pregnancy Weight Gain: What's Right for You?

Pregnant Women Exposed to More Risky CT Scans

Pregnant Women Should Delay Gallbladder Surgery, Study Finds

Pregnant Women Who Work at Night Face Miscarriage Risk

Prenatal Vitamins Might Lower Risk of Second Child With Autism

Rare Set of 'Semi-Identical' Twins Identified in Australia

Routine Use of Antibiotics May Help After Complicated Vaginal Birth: Study

Smog Could Land Newborns in Intensive Care

Smoking Around Expectant Moms Can Harm Babies' Hearts

Smoking While Pregnant Sends SIDS Risk Soaring

Some Types of Epilepsy Pose More Risks During Pregnancy

Sperm DNA Damage May Lead to Repeat Miscarriages: Study

Stillbirth Risk Rises With Prolonged Pregnancies

Stress Takes Toll in Very Complicated Births

Study Disputes Pregnancy Link to MS Relapses

Take at Least a Year Between Pregnancies: Study

The Ideal Weight Makes for a Healthier Pregnancy

Three Clues to Raised Risk of Miscarriage

Two Factors at Birth Can Boost a Child's Obesity Risk

Weight-Loss Surgery Linked to Fewer Delivery Complications

What Couples Considering IVF Need to Know

When Blood Sugar Rises in Pregnancy, Mom and Baby Pay the Price

Women Who Breastfeed Longer More Likely to Have More Kids

Women's Exposure to Solvents at Work Tied to Autism in Children

World's First Baby Born From Deceased Donor's Transplanted Uterus

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