The Nursing Residency Program at St. Joseph's/Candler

The Nursing Residency Program is a special program designed for newly graduated registered nurses to facilitate the transition of the novice nurse from the classroom to the clinical environment.

For more information please call Amy Beytagh at 912-819-8922 or email

The program includes:

  • general orientation
  • nursing orientation
  • computer orientation
  • clinical preceptorship.

Program Offerings:

  • Customer service/team building
  • IV therapy
  • Mock code review
  • Pharmacy information
  • Wound care
  • Critical thinking training
  • Mission services
  • Lectures in care of the:
    • pulmonary patient
    • cardiac patient
    • diabetic patient
    • surgical patient
    • oncology patient
    • neurology patient
    • orthopedic patient

Program Benefits:

  • Sign on bonus available
  • Competitive pay Scale
  • 401(k) (% of matching by St. Joseph’s/Candler available)
  • Preceptorship
  • Fellowship (focuses on specialty area)

For More Information

If you are interested in participating in the Nursing Residency Program, please call Candler Hospital at 912-819-8922 or St. Joseph's Hospital at 912-819-2528.