St. Joseph's/Candler Pharmacy Residents: Where are they now?

St. Joseph's/Candler pharmacy residents have success wherever they go. Whether pursuing a PGY2, entering the workforce or signing on to stay with SJ/C, the focus we place on clinical training and occupational development prepares our residents for their next step. We are so proud of each graduating class. Check out the success of this past year's graduates: 

PGY1 Pharmacy Residents Class of 2021-2022


R120 Patrick Barry
South University School of Pharmacy
Savannah, Ga.

R121 Amanda Bass
PGY2 Pediatric Residency
Augusta University Medical Center
Augusta, Ga.

R122 Courtney Crosby
Clinical Pharmacist, Internal Medicine
St. Joseph's/Candler
Savannah, Ga.

R124 Erin Eickman
PGY2 Oncology Residency
Geisinger Medical Center
Danville, PA

R124 Connor Floyd
PGY2 Critical Care Residency
St. Joseph's/Candler
Savannah, Ga.




PGY2 Specialty Residents Class of 2021-2022

R116 Mary Sheffield
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Critical Care
UNC Health Southeastern
Lumberton, NC

R126 Kelly Brown
Clinical Pharmacist, Ambulatory Care
Prisma Health
Columbia, SC

R128 Christian Ruiz
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Emergency Medicine
Novant Huntersville Medical Center
Huntersville, NC


Where are they now?

The map below shows the far reaching diversity of where St. Joseph's/Candler Pharmacy Residents start their careers after graduation. The number in the pinpoint represents the number of residents who've gone on to that city. The map includes the past five years of graduates.

Past five year residents

R86  John Carr Savannah, GA
R90  Dustin Orvin Savannah, GA
R88  Allison Porter Richmond, VA
R89  Gail Smith Calhoun, GA
R87  Chelsea Keedy Savannah, GA
R91  Rachel Wilkes Atlanta, GA
R93  Melissa Johnson Savannah, GA
R81  Cara Coffelt Marietta, GA
R92  Amanda Hafer New Port Richey, FL

R94    Jasleen Bolina Birmingham, AL
R95    Leigha Davis Morgantown, WV
R96    Johanna Dresser Augusta, GA
R97    Emily Longaker Marietta, GA
R98    Sara Ludmer Charleston, SC
R99    Hannah Matson Huntsville, AL
R100  Wes Arrison Savannah, GA
R101   Abigail Hamlin Savannah, GA
R102  Kathryn Huelfer Savannah, GA
R103  Stephen McCall Savannah, GA
R104  Mackenzi Meier Savannah, GA
R105  Adam Pizzuti Columbia, SC
R106  Tanner Truesdell Kansas City, KS
R109  Chelsea Orvin Savannah, GA

R111  Gina Cherniawski Chicago, IL
R112  Tatyana Givens Atlanta, GA
R113  Sarah Lopez Savannah, GA
R114  Cody Parker Atlanta, GA
R115  Sam Pavlichek Knoxville, TN
R116  Mary Sheffield Lumberton, NC
R117  Kristen Pierce Savannah, GA
R118  Kelsey Rensing Knoxville, TN
R119  Keenya Leggette Macon, GA

R120 Patrick Barry, Savannah, GA
R121 Amanda Bass, Augusta, GA
R122 Courtney Crosby, Savannah, GA
R123 Erin Eickman, Danville, PA
R124 Connor Floyd, Savannah, GA
R126 Kelly Brown, Columbia, SC
R127 Austin Rich, *******
R128 Christian Ruiz, Huntersville, NC



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