St. Joseph's/Candler Mission, Vision and Values

These powerful core statements communicate our purpose and express the heart and soul of all we do, and why we do it.


Rooted in God's love, we treat illness and promote wellness for all people.


Our vision is to set the standards of excellence in the delivery of health care throughout the regions we serve.


The following values are represented by the six brush strokes that make up the symbol preceding our name in the logo. They serve as a reminder to ourselves and our community that our values precede-literally and figuratively-everything we do.

  • Compassion - Showing empathy and concern for everyone and responding with kindness and sensitivity
  • Quality - Optimizing talents, skills and abilities to achieve excellence in meeting and exceeding our patients' expectations
  • Integrity - Adhering without compromise to high moral principles of honesty, loyalty, sincerity and fairness
  • Courtesy - Demonstrating polite, cooperative and respectful behavior; showing consideration and care for each person
  • Accountability - Using material goods wisely; being conscious of the environment; being accountable for prudent use of our talents and financial resources
  • Team Work - Working together to accomplish tasks and goals; recognizing the interdependence of one another and each person's unique gifts

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