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Located on Savannah’s southside, St. Joseph’s Hospital is a 330-bed acute care hospital founded in 1875 by the Sisters of Mercy. St. Joseph’s is known for its breakthrough technology, highly specialized treatments and advanced medical procedures in a number of areas.

St. Joseph’s Hospital will celebrate 50 years on Savannah’s southside in 2020. But its history goes back much further than that.

St. Joseph's Hospital began in 1875 when the Sisters of Mercy took over the operations of the Forest City Marine Hospital in what is now the historic district. Since its inception, Savannahians have trusted the care, compassion and medical expertise that have become synonymous with the St. Joseph's name.


1875-1876 - Responding to the plight of sick seamen, the Sisters of Mercy are contracted to operate the Forest City Marine Hospital. Better facilities and more space soon prompted a move to downtown Savannah. The hospital was renamed St. Joseph's Infirmary.

1901 - The hospital expanded (the Annex); the name became St. Joseph's Hospital.

1913 - The Flannery Memorial Wing opened.

1950s - St. John's Hall (the city's first psychiatric unit) and an obstetrical clinic for families with limited incomes opened.

1960-1970 - The Sisters of Mercy moved the hospital from its downtown location to the city's spacious southside, an area with high growth potential. The seven-story structure, situated on 28 acres, was dedicated on August 15, 1970.

1977 - Neuroscience opened its Oto-Neurology department, now known as the Center for Oto-Neurology.

1981-1990 - St. Joseph's opened the city's first Ambulatory Care Center.

1986 - Hospital surgeons won the right to perform open heart surgery at St. Joseph's.

1997 - St. Joseph's Hospital entered into a joint operating agreement with Candler Hospital and together formed St. Joseph's/Candler, the region's largest and most experienced health care provider.

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