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Urinary and bowel incontinence, pelvic pain and other related disorders are highly treatable, yet most people suffer in silence. You don't have to. At the St. Joseph's/Candler Pelvic Floor & Continence Center, we want you to know you are not alone, and we're here to help. We offer diagnosis, evaluation and therapy for all kinds of pelvic, urinary and bowel disorders. A dedicated team of board-certified urogynecologists, nurse practitioners, licensed physical therapists and other specialists offer private consultations and intervention, properly evaluating each patient’s condition and recommending the most effective treatment plan.

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Call our Center at 912-819-4870 to request assistance with an appointment or ask your Primary Care Physician for a referral to the Pelvic Floor & Continence Center in order to receive the most comprehensive, competent care for this highly treatable problem.

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