St. Joseph's Construction FAQs

General Information and Construction Timelines

When does construction begin? Construction is set to begin on February 11, 2016. The south entrance to the hospital will close on February 5th. We anticipate that the project will take 18 months to complete all phases of the project.

What will the project entail? This project includes both an expansion project and a renovation project. The current, emergency department at St. Joseph’s Hospital will be expanded by 14,815 square feet. Not only will treatment rooms grow in size, there will be more of them. The existing space will be renovated as will the waiting areas and entrances to the current outpatient surgery area and imaging services. There will also be a new atrium, new waiting areas, a new access road, expanded parking, and new lobby space that is open, inviting, and which can be easily navigated. There is even a new fountain in development for the entrance to the ED and Outpatient areas.

What are the specific phases of construction? The first phase consists of expanding the ED parking, adding additional landscaping, completing the new atrium and lobby for imaging and same day surgery patients. We expect that this will open in December 2016. The second phase consisting of the “new” Emergency Department expansion will open in January 2017. At this point we will have a new ambulance entrance and new ED entrance with waiting room. The “existing” ED will be remodeled and open mid-summer 2017.

Are there any new features with the expansion and renovation? We are adding additional treatment rooms for the emergency department, better access to registration with higher levels of confidentiality, and an enlarged imaging waiting area with registration. In addition, a large atrium will greet patients, family and guests to ease some of the anxiety of visiting a hospital. We are considering a café and other consumer driven elements such as USB ports and areas for reflection. Upon arrival to the new ED visitors will be greeted with a fountain, enhanced landscaping and a welcoming statue to Jesus. There will be areas for rest and contemplation both inside and outside of the new space.

How will safety/security be affected by the construction (monitoring of site, visitors safety returning to parking area, construction workers, etc.)? We will be staffing additional security patrols through all parking areas, the additional parking areas will be well lit during darkness and lighted paths to the hospital. We will also be offering shuttle/golf cart assistance from parking areas and have security staffed 24/7 at the temporary entrance.

Why can’t construction happen after business hours? While that would be ideal, our hospital is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have an obligation to our community to offer Emergency Services at all times. In addition, in order to be as efficient as possible, we want the construction to occur as quickly as possible to minimize the disruption to our patients, visitors and co-workers and to save cost.

Patient & Visitor Parking

How will visitor parking be impacted? Visitors not having procedures will continue to park in the front of the hospital and enter through the main lobby during normal visiting hours. However, after hours when the front lobby is closed, visitors will be directed to park in the rear of the hospital in the area designated for the Emergency Room on Dutchtown road (West side) and they will enter through the temporary ED entrance. Security will be present to direct them.

How will the Emergency Department be accessed by patients and where will patients park? A temporary Emergency Department entrance has been constructed at the rear of the hospital (west side) on Dutchtown Road. Parking has been re-located from the current south side of the hospital to the rear of the hospital on a portion of the former co-worker parking area. There will be prominent signage directing people to the ED and well as a shuttle to offer assistance. Valet parking will also be an option at the rear of the hospital next to the temporary ED entrance from 5 am to 11 pm Monday through Friday and from 5 am to 3 pm on Saturday.

Where should patients for Outpatient Surgery park and where do they enter? Patients who are having outpatient surgery will be directed to the temporary ED entrance at the rear of the hospital off Dutchtown Road. Parking for Outpatient Surgery will be in the left hand portion of the former co-worker parking area. Physician offices will have this information for patients they schedule. Pre-registration and scheduling will reinforce this message as they confirm patients scheduled.

Will there be any other parking options for the ED or Outpatient Parking? Yes, a FREE valet parking service will be available at the rear of the hospital on Dutchtown Road (west side) to help accommodate outpatient surgery and ED parking needs (note: no tipping allowed). This service will be available from 5 am to 11 pm Monday through Friday and from 5 am to 3 pm on Saturday. If a person needs to access a car in valet parking after hours, they will be assisted by security by calling hospital security at 912-658-5235.

Where should patients park for imaging services and where should they enter? Patients scheduled for imaging services (x-ray, CT Scans, MRI, Ultrasound, etc.) should park in the front of the hospital, using the Mercy Boulevard entrance. Imaging Registration will be relocated to The Heart Hospital waiting area temporarily. Patients will then be directed to two waiting areas available in the imaging services area. Signage and colored way finding tape will help direct patients to this area. A Patient Escort will also be available to assist imaging patients entering through the front of the hospital Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

Where should imaging patients enter after hours? We do not have a large number of after hour’s patients, but when we do, they should enter from the west side on Dutchtown Road through the temporary ED entrance.

Where should visitors park during normal hours and after hours? During normal visiting hours, visitors should park in the main parking area in front of the hospital off of Mercy Boulevard. After hours, visitors should park in the rear of the hospital off Dutchtown Road and enter through the temporary ED entrance. Security will be available to direct people after hours.

General Patient and Visitor Information

What tools are available to help patients navigate the new traffic patterns during construction? There are a number of initiatives put in place to assist our patients and visitors. There will be exterior signage and interior, color coded way finding (to include color vinyl trails) to help people find their destination. Maps of the temporary exterior entrances and interior way finding will also be created to help our visitors and will include photographs of the entrances. These maps will be provided to referring physician offices and available on our website and all entrances of the hospital. In addition, print ads will run in the local papers emphasizing new, temporary entrances for the ED, Imaging and Outpatient Surgery. But our greatest resource will be our co-workers and good communication.

What are the expectations of construction noise and its impact on clinical care? Most of the work in the first year will be outside the current building with the exception of the lobbies. The construction team will have weekly meetings to discuss upcoming activities and any issues or potential issues that may arise and then develop work plans or communication as needed. There will be noise that is unavoidable with any construction. However, at this point, we do not know how or if that will affect our co-workers and patients. That will be the purpose of the weekly meetings – to ensure we are addressing any questions or concerns about noise or any other issue. In addition, as in the past with the façade construction, we will have the superintendent available via cell for managers to call for any immediate issues.

Is there a downstairs family consult area for patient families, or do physicians need to go upstairs for each family consult? Family members will be contacted in the waiting area on the second floor when a physician is ready to meet with them. They will then be directed to the first floor to the same area that is currently used for family consultation in the outpatient surgery area.

Where is patient registration located? Patient registration will be temporarily relocated to the current outpatient surgery hallway going toward the second floor elevators. That places registration adjacent to the ED waiting area and the elevators that will take family to the second floor waiting area.

Where will outpatient waiting be located? Outpatient waiting will be temporarily moved to the second floor where our meeting rooms 1 and 2 are current located (Sr. Cornile Conference Center). The process will remain the same. The tracking board will be in place and patient families will be called to meet with the physician in the existing outpatient surgery area on the first floor. Our volunteers will also be in place to provide assistance as needed.

Where is the Emergency Department waiting room located? The temporary waiting room area will be located near the current outpatient surgery hallway near the elevators that take you to the second floor meeting rooms. Patients will enter the temporary entrance at the rear of the hospital, walk past CCU and ICU. After they pass the elevators on their left, the waiting room will be down that hallway on the right. Co-workers will receive maps that outline exactly where it is located and there will be patient escorts available to assist patients and their families to triage or the waiting area.

Is there any change to patient flow for the Emergency Department? A nurse will be positioned at the west side entrance off of Dutchtown Road 24 hours a day to assist with a quick assessment of patients requesting emergency room care. Those patients requiring emergent treatment will be taken immediately to the ED. Should the nurse determine the patient is stable and capable of being triaged; a Patient Escort will assist the patient to the Emergency Department waiting area where a triage assessment will be completed.

Patient Discharge

Where will outpatient surgery patients as well as inpatients be discharged and transported to for pickup? Outpatient Surgery patients will be discharged and picked up at the same place they entered, in the rear of the hospital at the temporary ED and Outpatient Surgery entrance. Inpatients when discharged will be taken to the main lobby in front of the hospital for pick up.



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