iConnect_531A New iConnect Experience

St. Joseph's/Candler recently upgraded the iConnect patient portal to give you a better experience. The new platform has all the secure features that you've come to use in iConnect and allows us to add even more options in the future to make access to your medical information even easier.  

Help us securely and accurately connect your data to your new account. Click the button below to create your new account or sign in to the improved iConnect. 

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What do you get with the new iConnect? Just some of the services include easy access to your hospital health record, medication list, appointment reminders and a message board.

The iConnect patient portal is now home to data and messaging for our primary care and specialty office patients. If you are looking for historical health record data from your primary care provider, log in to the old primary care portal here.

If you are a family member or caregiver and need access to patient health information:

  1. Send an email to iconnecthelp@sjchs.org to request the setup of a proxy account
  2. HIM (Health Information Management) will send you a form via email that you will need to fill out and return
  3. Once the form is completed you will be able to set up the proxy account in the Patient Portal

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If you have any questions, call our Help Desk at 912-819-8580 or email iconnecthelp@sjchs.org.


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