Ask A Magnet Nurse: Children In The Hospital Get Their Own Place

Casey Shuman, RN

Smart Living: The area you work in is noticeably different than any of the others in the hospital, with bright rainbows in the hall and toys available for each room. Why is that?

Casey Shuman: I’m a nurse in The Children’s Place, where we specifically serve the needs of children. We provide a pediatric acute care program in a way that helps ease the anxiety of a hospital stay for our young patients and their parents. This area is full of special kid-friendly features.

SL: What kinds of features?

CS: Well as you said, the décor is bright and cheerful and we have all kinds of toys for the children to play with while they’re here. We also have movies and video games, and every room has a TV and DVD player as well as a computer. We also have a playroom for kids who are well enough or aren’t contagious. Either a staff member or a family member can bring a child there, where there are even more board games, puzzles, and different toys. Nothing too strenuous of course!

SL: What kinds of patients do you often see in The Children’s Place?

CS: In the winter, we see a lot of children with respiratory syncytial virus infection, or RSV. The symptoms are the usually same as a bad cold, but in more serious cases it can cause wheezing and can possibly lead to pneumonia, and those children need to stay in the hospital. Also, physicians who have removed a child’s tonsils often prefer to have them stay here for a longer window of observation.

In reality, all of the pediatric services that we provide are part of The Children’s Place, whether our patients are coming from the emergency room or outpatient surgery, or if they need physical therapy or other services in our Wellness Center. The Children’s Place is not just one area or a set of rooms, it is really any place in the hospital where a child needs our services.

SL: What part of The Children’s Place do the kids like best?

CS: Most of the kids get really excited when they see a computer in their room because they know they can play games on it. The smaller children, who are often more anxious to get out of their room and be active, enjoy the wagons and little tricycles that they can use in the hallway. The children really enjoy being able to do some of the things that they would be doing if they weren’t in the hospital.
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