Ask A Magnet Nurse: Infusion Therapy Can Treat A Variety Of Diseases, All In A Comfortable Setting

Julie Hadden RN, Center for Infusion Therapy, Candler Hospital

Smart Living: What is infusion therapy and what illnesses does it treat?

Julie Hadden: Infusion therapy is for patients who require IV therapy, which typically involves the administration of medication through a needle or catheter, to manage their diseases. Infusion therapy can treat several diseases, including multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, polyneuropathy, anemia, and even dehydration. Patients are able to come to our center, receive their infusion and go home in the same day to avoid having to be admitted to the hospital. We have also recently started treating patients who need long-term antibiotics for infections. Before, patients would have to either stay longer in the hospital, go to a long-term nursing facility, or have home health care to receive antibiotics. Now, patients are able to be discharged from the hospital and come to our center to finish their therapy.

SL: Why is it advantageous to have an infusion therapy center that is separate from a facility for patients receiving chemotherapy, which itself is a type of infusion therapy?

JH: We are able to take patients with all kinds of conditions without the risk of exposing any illnesses to chemotherapy patients who may be immuno-compromised. With this center, not only are we able to treat all of these patients quickly and in one place, but the chemotherapy patients can receive their treatment without fear of being exposed to any infections.

SL: What can a patient coming to receive treatment at your center expect?

JH: Once they are greeted and registered, a nurse will take the patient to their own private room where they sit in a recliner while receiving their infusion. They can watch TV or read, and the nurse can even give them either a snack or a sandwich. Before they know it, the infusion is completed. Often we see patients over and over again, and they become part of our family. I call us a family because each person on our staff depends on each other, and we all mesh very well together.

Since we work in a specialized field, we really rely on our nurses knowing their job. I must say that we have some the most knowledgeable nurses here that I have ever had the privilege to work with in my career. The feedback that we’ve received from patients tells us that they are very happy with our efficiency, professionalism and overall care.
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