Ask A Magnet Nurse: What To Expect For A Scheduled Procedure

Joje Surrette, RN

Smart Living: Though scheduled in advance, surgical procedures can cause a patient to feel some anxiety. What can people expect when they schedule a procedure? Is there anything they can do to help the process run smoothly?

Joje Surrette: First of all, it is perfectly normal to be anxious. Please know that our primary purpose is for you to have a safe and comfortable procedure. Yes, there are some things that the patient can do to help us make the process as smooth as possible. Patients should first expect to come in before their surgery date to complete pre-admission testing. You will need your insurance card and picture I.D. The receptionist will gather demographic data. Then a nurse will ask you about your medical history and have you complete any necessary lab work.

SL: Is there anything patients need to remember to bring with them?

JS: Bring medications in the original containers, and any clearances and copies of labs, EKG and chest X-rays that you may have from your physician. If you have a living will or durable power of attorney of health, bring those as well. I also recommend that people bring a book to read in case there is a wait.

SL: For their procedure, what should patients expect?

JS: You will be asked to arrive 1 or 2 hours before your procedure. Every patient should bring loose clothing that is easy to get on and off. Patients that wear contact lenses need to remember to bring their contact supplies with them or just wear a pair of glasses.

SL: What can patients do to lower their anxiety?

JS: I hope that patients understand that it is normal to be anxious and that we are here to help. We can administer anti-anxioulytic agents to help with anxiety if necessary. We can also provide music therapy or you may listen to your own music. Again, I suggest patients bring a book. Pastoral care is also available to help you with your spiritual needs. Most of all, remember that our only aim is to get you to your procedure safely, comfortably, and in a timely manner.
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