High Tech Equals High Speed for Mammography Procedure

The transformation from film to digital mammography is occurring in more and more breast imaging facilities across the country, and research has suggested that the change is good for women. Studies have shown that the average radiation dose was 22 percent lower for digital than film mammography, but the more immediate benefit for the anxious patient is the speed with which she receives her results.

“In some ways, digital technology has revolutionized mammography,” says Lora Sapp, Manager of St. Joseph’s/Candler’s Telfair Pavilion. The center was the first in Savannah to install digital mammography equipment back in 2002.

“The basic procedure for the mammogram is the same, but it’s quite a bit faster,” Sapp says. “The immediate availability and portability of the images expedites the process considerably, which in turn tends to reduce the patient’s anxiety. In addition, flexible compression plates and equipment design make the experience much more comfortable for most women.”

“With digital mammography, images can be viewed instantly, leading to fewer callbacks,” says John Gouse, MD, the Medical Director of the Telfair Pavilion Breast Imaging Center. Dr. Gouse notes that the ability to manipulate those images—magnify, adjust contrast and brightness—can optimize diagnostic information, especially in women with dense breasts.

“Digital mammography is also a platform that helps us to apply CAD, or computer-aided detection, and other emerging technologies more easily,” Dr. Gouse says.

With several benefits to the patient experience already established, it can be easy to forget that digital mammography is still relatively early in its development. Dr. Gouse hopes that further advances in this technology will lead to even more improvements and enhanced capabilities not only for the Telfair Pavilion but for breast imaging centers across the world. 
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