Make Sure Safety Fits Into Your Summer Plans

City parks are buzzing with cyclists and rollerbladers eager to roll off the last of the winter blahs. A reminder from the American Academy of Orthopaedic 
Surgeons (AAOS) suggests that all of those bikers and skaters should be wearing a helmet, regardless of their age or experience level. Injuries to the head that can occur during a crash or fall can be prevented by a helmet's cushioning thick foam and hard shell.

The AAOS suggests that each person take their time choosing a helmet, making sure it has the right size and fit. A helmet should be snug and square on the top of the head, not sliding or tilting in any direction. The chinstrap should be replaced if any part of the buckle is broken.

According to the AAOS, children from 5 to 14 have the highest injury rate of bicycle riders. Because their coordination is not completely developed, children have more difficulty avoiding obstacles when biking and skating. Parents should buy helmets for their children that fit well now and avoid trying to have their kids grow into one. They should also teach by example by using their own helmets whenever necessary.
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