Quiz - Sting Operation

We love the return of warm temperatures and blooming flowers, but unfortunately so do bugs. Take this quiz to see who the nasty biters are and what to do if you find yourself on the business end of a stinger. Answers are below:

1. In most cases, bites and stings can be treated at home.

2. Which insect's bite or sting is not considered painful?
A.Fire Ants

3. Non-emergency symptoms to bites or stings include all of the following EXCEPT:
D.Trouble breathing
E.Localized pain

4. A good way to remove a stinger is scraping the back of a credit card or other straight-edged object across the stinger.

5. What action can help prevent insect bites and stings?
A. Use appropriate insect repellants and protective clothing.
B. Avoid rapid, jerky movements around insect hives or nests.
C. Avoid perfumes and floral-patterned or dark clothing.
D. Use caution when eating outdoors, especially with sweetened beverages or in areas around garbage cans.
E. All of the above.


1. A. True. However, some people do have severe allergic reactions to certain stings, and the bites of the black widow and brown recluse spider also require emergency care.

2. C. Flea. Mosquito and mite bites are also more likely to cause itching rather than pain.

3. D. Trouble breathing. Other emergency symptoms include chest pain, difficulty swallowing, or signs of shock.

4. A. True. Tweezers are not recommended as they may squeeze the venom sac and increase the amount of venom released.

5. E. All of the above.
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