Weddings And Weight Loss: A Marathon, Not A Sprint

One thing bridal dress designer Faith Thornburg hears often from her clients is that they won’t be the size they are now on their wedding day.

“Some women can be unrealistic,” Thornburg says. “But even if they do lose quite a bit of weight, it can mess up the design and make fittings more difficult. I ask them not to make their weight loss drastic.”

This is good advice for health reasons as well, according to Dolores Foley, MD, at St. Joseph’s/Candler Primary Care in Pooler.

“A wedding comes with a timeline that can push you to set weight goals,” Foley says. “Many brides will try quick fixes such as diet pills, crash diets or extreme exercise programs. These are not healthy options for long-term weight loss. New brides need to entertain healthy options for weight loss that can be sustained.”

Dr. Foley advises brides to:

• Keep a food diary – tracking choices and portion sizes
• Fuel your body by not skipping breakfast.
• Eat frequent small meals to avoid hunger impulses.
• Drink plenty of water and limit the empty calories of alcohol.
• Schedule exercise workouts like any other appointment.
• Avoid using a busy schedule as an excuse not to exercise.

Dr. Foley also asks brides to manage their stress and get plenty of sleep. Neglecting these can lead to stress-eating and cravings.

“Every day is a new beginning to make good choices,” Foley says. “Do not give up because you indulge one day. Keep your focus on the end result and remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint.”

“You need to give yourself ample time for this,” Foley adds. “You should consult your doctor prior to starting any weight loss or exercise program. With your doctor’s help you can determine the proper timeline for your goals.”

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