Inpatient Orientation

Welcome to our online orientation. This information is also available via CareCall at (912) 819-3360 or (800) 622-6877 and on the closed-circuit television (CCTV) in your room.


A nurse will demonstrate the equipment in your room, including the:

  • television controls
  • bed controls
  • call button.

A nurse will explain:

  • unit routines (daytime and nighttime)
  • frequency of vital sign checks
  • bed and baths.


Local Calls:

  • Dial 9 + the number desired

Long-Distance Calls:

  • The most economical long-distance call is made using a pre-paid long-distance calling card, available in the gift shop.
  • Use your personal long-distance calling card.
  • Dial 0 for operator assistance. The long-distance carrier will bill operator-assisted calls to your home phone. When placing the long-distance call, you can ask the long-distance operator the cost of the call before making it.

You also can use your cell phone; reception is best when you stand near the window.

Call Button

To ensure your needs are met, use the call button if you need anything at any time. Please let us know if your request is urgent or casual. If you feel there is a delay, please call again.


Please give all valuable items to a family member to take home. If no family is present, the hospital safe is available. The hospital is not responsible for personal belongings, including jewelry, cell phones and/or electronic equipment.


Smoking is not permitted.

Meal Schedule and Diet

The meal schedule is available from your nurse. Your doctor may prescribe a diet for you; if that is the case, family and friends should not bring you food. If you have special food requests, please let us know.

Herbal Medications

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate herbal medications and many herbal medication manufacturers are not required to comply with FDA standards or prove their products to be safe and effective. Many alternative therapies have significant drug interactions, so please notify your healthcare provider of all over-the-counter or herbal medications you are taking, if any, and discontinue use of them prior to admission and during your stay.


Your room is cleaned daily. You can control the room temperature using the thermostat. Please report any maintenance or housekeeping problems to us.

Daily Reports

Please select a family member to receive a daily report about your condition. To maintain privacy and confidentiality, hospital staff will not share information regarding your status to anyone other than this contact person.

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