Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I report for surgery?
At Candler Hospital, report to the Outpatient Surgery & Services entrance at the back of the hospital. At St. Joseph's Hospital, report to the Emergency Department reception area.

Where will my family wait while I have surgery?
Comfortable family waiting areas are provided at both hospitals.

Will I see my doctor before surgery?
You will see your surgeon before surgery.

How long will my surgery take?
The time varies with each procedure; your surgeon will be able to give you an estimate.

What kind of anesthesia will I have?
Your surgeon and anesthesiologist will determine the best type of anesthesia for you.  You will be able to talk with an anesthesiologist the day of your surgery.

What should I wear to the hospital?
Please wear loose-fitting clothing that you can also wear home.

What do I bring to my pre-surgical screening appointment?

  • Doctor's orders
  • Insurance card and any required co-pay
  • Pre-certification number
  • Your current medications (labeled bottles with dosages and frequency)
  • List of allergies
  • List of previous surgeries and procedures
  • Pertinent medical history
  • Copy of living will/durable power of attorney
  • Copy of consent for surgery form

Will I have dietary restrictions?
Please do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before surgery. Restrictions after surgery will be explained by the physician.

Will I experience pain or nausea?
It is possible that you may experience some pain or nausea depending on the procedure. There are a variety of ways we can relieve your pain and/or nausea, depending on the type of surgery you are having. Anesthesia personnel will answer your questions concerning pain/nausea prior to surgery.

Should I take my regular medications before surgery?
This is an important question to ask your surgeon before your scheduled surgical appointment.

Will I need someone to drive me home from surgery?
Yes. You will also need someone to stay with you the first night at home. If you live alone, now is a good time to start planning. You must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is capable of driving you home and accepting discharge instructions.

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