Advanced Diagnostics and Therapy at the Center for Oto-Neurology

The Center for Oto-Neurology, established in 1977, provides state-of-the-art diagnostics and therapy for patients with ear, hearing, balance, speech/language and central nervous system disorders. Our services include:

  • Oto-Neurology Diagnostics - Comprehensive testing for patients with hearing and dizziness/balance disorders of all ages is provided by Certified Doctorate and masters level Audiologists. Testing may include comprehensive audiometric evaluations, Otoacoustic emissions, Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR), Equitest and Videonystagmography (VNG). Our EEG lab is accredited by ABRET (American Board of Registration of Evoked Potential and Electroencephalographic Technologists) . Testing is conducted by Registered EEG technologists includes Routine/Sleep deprived EEG, 24 hour ambulatory and long term Video EEG monitoring, as well as Somatosensory Evoked Response (SER) and Visual Evoked Response (VER) Testing.
  • Speech/Language Pathology - Certified masters-level speech/language pathologists provide individual speech/language therapy for children and adults. Therapies may include voice therapy, articulation therapy, stuttering therapy, cognitive rehabilitation and dysphagia (swallowing) evaluation, as well as bedside and modified barium swallow studies and subsequent swallowing therapy. Therapists are certified in interpretation of modified barium swallow studies, Lee Silverman Voice Therapy for Parkinson’s disease and Vital Stim to treat swallowing disorders. Speech Therapy services are provided to patients in the hospital and are also available to Outpatients. All treatment programs are individualized to each person’s needs.
  • Vestibular/Balance Rehabilitation - Therapy for patients with dizziness, balance and movement disorders is provided by registered physical therapists who are certified in Vestibular/Balance Therapy. Customized therapy programs are developed utilizing results of testing performed in OtoNeurology diagnostics and designed to reduce the symptoms of dizziness, vertigo and disequilibrium that are often associated with disorders of the inner ear and/or brain.
  • Movement Disorders Program - Program offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for patients with Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Essential Tremor, Huntington’s Disease and other neuromuscular disorders. The Program is a designated National Parkinson’s Foundation (NPF) Care Center and is under the guidance of Dr. Jill Trumble who is a Movement Disorders Specialist.

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