Expert Neurological Teams Providing Individualized Treatment in Savannah, GA 

The Institute for Neurosciences at St. Joseph's/ Candler is dedicated to providing expert care using state-of-the-art technology for stroke and neurological patients. Because time is a major factor in many diseases of the brain, we strive give our patients efficient, world-class care. The neuroscience team uses the following methods for swifter diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions: 

Stroke Management and Research Team (SMART)

Having a stroke is an emergency and our team is one of the fastest in the region at diagnoses and treatment. Early management of a stroke allows patients to be eligible for advanced medications and other treatments that reduce the amount of disability associated with stroke. EMS technicians in the field notify the acute stroke team when a patient with stroke symptoms is on the way, which allows the team of doctors and clinicians to prepare.

Intensive Care

The Neurologic Intensive Care Unit specializes in advanced neurological problems requiring constant monitoring and intensive support. A multidisciplinary team of nurses and therapists monitor patients for changes in condition and respond to any emergencies. We foster and support the psychosocial, spiritual and physical well-being of our patients. Limited visiting hours ensure rest and access to care.

Step-Down Unit

The Neurological Step-Down Unit uses a multidisciplinary team approach to care for patients being monitored for subtle changes in neurological status, vital signs and heart rhythms.

Med/Surgical Unit

Our Neurologic Med/Surgical Unit is staffed with specially trained nurses and therapists ready to respond to the needs of patients with neurological disorders and those recovering from back and neck surgery.


Caretrack is a multidisciplinary patient care conference that is held twice a week for each patient. Nurses; physical, occupational and speech therapists; clinical care coordinators; social workers; pastoral caregivers and dietitians are included. Each patient's discharge needs are assessed and physicians and family discuss plans of care.

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